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MLA Gold Award SiteBookBrowse is an affordable, reader-focused, and user-friendly readers' advisory resource and online magazine suited for librarians and patrons alike. Unlike the many databases that attempt to list all books regardless of quality, BookBrowse carefully sifts through thousands of books - saving librarians and patrons valuable time - and recommends only the best.

Exceptional books don't just entertain, they also engage and enlighten; they wrap us in their world and make us step outside of ourselves. BookBrowse seeks out these books across a range of genres, both fiction and nonfiction, and provides a level of information on each that enables patrons to explore to their heart's content. Then we link each page to the corresponding book in the library's OPAC.

BookBrowse is perfect for patrons who read to expand their horizons. Our editorial focus, coupled with extensive reading group resources, make us a particularly valuable destination for book club members.

While some of our content is available for free, full access is only for subscribers - both individuals and libraries. Library subscriptions start at $200/year and include 24-7 remote access so patrons can log in anywhere, any time.