Login-Free Access & Linking to Specific Pages

Login-Free Remote Access

Librarians: If your library subscribes to BookBrowse, please log in to see information specific to your library, including ready-to-use links. You can login via your library or at bookbrowse.com/library

As you would expect, patrons within library buildings can access BookBrowse with one click without the need to log in due to IP recognition. But what sets BookBrowse apart from most others is that our unique technology provides similar login-free access to remote patrons, who can start browsing BookBrowse with one click, no log in required.

With login-free access, remote patrons enjoy the same library-branded experience as those who are fully logged in, including one-click links to their library's OPAC. After viewing some pages (the number depends on the content being viewed), remote patrons are redirected to a login screen where they simply enter their library card number in order to continue browsing; and having done so they are redirected back to where they left off.

This technology also makes it possible to link direct to any page on BookBrowse, providing great flexibility for librarians to link to specific content, both from the library's website and from newsletters.

It also enables libraries to embed one or more of BookBrowse's apps into library pages so that patrons can browse directly from the library's website, for example to search for read-alike suggestions or find recommendations for their book club.

The "login-free remote access" feature is automatically built in to all of the different wys to link to BookBrowse, see below.

Unique Quick Link

Because it can sometimes be a challenge for patrons to find electronic resources within the library's website, each subscribing library is given an easy-to-remember "quick link" to BookBrowse's homepage (patrons can also access their library's verison of BookBrowse by logging in at BookBrowse.)

For example, the quick link for our test library is: bookbrowse.com/MYT We encourage libraries to use this:

  • As the main link from the library's website to BookBrowse.
  • As an easy-to-remember link to give to patrons, e.g. when telling people in person or in an email

Login-Free Link Samples

Librarians can link direct to any BookBrowse page so that patrons are immediately able to start browsing the library-branded version of BookBrowse with one click.

Below are three sample links for BookBrowse's Test Library, "My Town Library," so you can click and see for yourself how they work.

Home page:

Book club landing page:

A typical book review page:

If you were viewing this page as a subscribed library, you would see links to all BookBrowse's core pages already formated for your library, with easy to implement examples of how to create a link to any other of our tens of thousands of pages.

Compatability With Library Authentication Systems

Login-free access does not work with library authentication systems (e.g. EZ Proxy) because they can only send a patron to BookBrowse's homepage. But, in most cases, direct link authentication can be set up in parallel with library authentication if the library provides BookBrowse with its library card range(s), so that BookBrowse can authenticate patrons arriving from direct links.