Login-Free Access & Linking to Specific Pages

Librarian: If your library subscribes to BookBrowse, please log in to see customized URLs for your library. If you're on a library computer, you should be automatically recognized If not, you can login via the link on your library's website or at bookbrowse.com/library.

Unique Quick Link

All libraries that subscribe to remote patron access are provided with an easy-to-remember "quick link" to BookBrowse's homepage so patrons do not always have to enter BookBrowse via a link on the library's website, instead they can simply go direct to the unique for their library.

For example, the quick link for our test library is: bookbrowse.com/myt

Libraries can use this as:

  • The main link from the library's website to BookBrowse.
  • An easy-to-remember link to give to patrons, e.g. when telling people in person or in an email.
  • On most social media platforms (but not Facebook as it does not allow redirects).