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The best books entertain, engage and enlighten; they wrap us in their world giving us a window into the lives of others or a mirror to reflect on ourselves. These are the books that we seek out and recommend, both fiction and nonfiction.

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  • Free books to read and review, or discuss. Members who participate regularly usually receive about four books a year (US residents only). More info.

  • Plentiful resources for book clubbers including recommendations by theme (all with reading guides), online discussions & book club advice.

  • 'Read-alike' suggestions for thousands of books and authors so your recipient can find books similar to ones they've already enjoyed.

  • Recommended reading lists by time period, setting and a wide range of themes.

  • 'My Reading List' to keep track of the books they've read and want to read.

I just wanted to say thanks again to BookBrowse for providing such a wealth of info on new books. Thank you for helping me to find truly terrific books amidst a sea of literary mediocrity!


I love your web site. You are directly responsible for expanding my reading horizons exponentially.


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