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BookBrowse for Libraries: 2021 Spring Sale
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Public Librarians:
If you are interested in BookBrowse for your library, please call us or complete the form below for a quote and/or trial. We price based on the service population of a given library, which we define as a library (or group of libraries) that share an OPAC, website and central billing point.

Academic Librarians:
BookBrowse's focus is on books for adults with coverage of some YA titles. If you are interested in a subscription for your library, first join as an individual member. If you find us sufficiently relevant that you'd like to extend access to all your students, we'd be glad to refund your individual membership fee when setting up your library subscription. Equally, if you find your individual membership not of value, we offer a money-back guarantee at any time.

If your library subscribes and you have questions, please contact us using the support form, or call.

Call: Toll free (48 States and Canada): 1-800-745-5306 x 103. Direct: (+1) 408-867 6500

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