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BookBrowse For Libraries

Subscription Options

BookBrowse offers some content for free, but full access is only for subscribers. To fit the varying needs of public libraries, BookBrowse offers two subscription options:

  • Remote & In-Library Access (Recommended)

    Patrons who read to expand their horizons, and particularly book club members, will love having access to BookBrowse's easy-to-use resources to guide them to the books they'll love; and then they can check availability in their library with one click.

    No login is required within the library as BookBrowse recognizes the library's IP numbers. For remote access, libraries have the choice of authenticating patrons themselves (e.g. EZ Proxy) or BookBrowse can handle the authentication (based on standard parameters of the library's card numbers).

    We recommend having BookBrowse authenticate your patrons because our unique login-free access system allows librarians to link direct to any page on BookBrowse, and to install apps into the library's website so patrons can start browsing without needing to log in (for example, to find read-alikes or browse book club recommendations).

    Pricing is based on a library's service population, for example: Population 4,000 = $300 annually; population 45,000 = $1,070 annually. Contact us.
  • In-Library Access

    This option provides access to all of BookBrowse's resources within library buildings to both patrons and staff. BookBrowse recognizes the library's IP numbers so no login is required. A login and password is available for librarians wishing to access outside from outside the library.

    Pricing is based on a library's service population, for example: Population 4,000 = $150 annually; population 45,000 = $535 annually. Contact us.

Individual Memberships

Subscriptions for one named subscriber are available at

Academic Libraries

BookBrowse's focus is on book for adults with coverage of some YA titles. We count many academic librarians as individual subscribers and some high schools and colleges find a subscription providing access for all students to be useful.

If you are interested in a subscription for your library, first join as an individual member. If you find us sufficiently relevant that you'd like to extend access to all your students, contact us for a quote and we'd be glad to refund your individual membership fee when setting up your library subscription. Equally, if you find your individual membership not of value, we offer a money-back guarantee at any time. Contact us.

Quotes and Free Trials

We look forward to telling you more about BookBrowse. Please do contact us if you have questions, would like a quote for your library, or if you'd like to set up a free trial or live demo.

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