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Suggestions on how to tell patrons about BookBrowse:

  • Pin posters on noticeboards or endcaps.

  • Place tentcards beside computer terminals, on reference or checkout desks, or on top of low bookshelves.

  • Put bookmarks at the checkout desk, or inside reserved books.

  • Share these materials with your bookclubs, Friends of the Library, and other groups.

  • Send a press release to local media.

  • Link to BookBrowse from the homepage of your website using a simple logo or our rotating book jacket image that automatically updates with the latest reviewed books.

  • Link to BookBrowse from internal library pages using a logo, text descriptions, a rotating book jacket display, or static book jacket images.

  • Mention BookBrowse in mailings and emailings to your library patrons, and encourage them to sign up to receive BookBrowse's newsletters.


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