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Local media, such as newspapers and radio, are often interested in news about their library. A press release provides a quick and easy way to let your community know that BookBrowse is available to them.

Around half a million avid readers visit BookBrowse each month and over 80% of them visit their library at least once a month. So there will already be many book lovers in your community who are familiar with BookBrowse's free content and will welcome having full access through their library. Many others will discover BookBrowse for the first time thanks to your subscription.


[xxx] Library Announces New Book Recommendation Service:

[Location, Date]: Patrons of [xxxx] Library now have free access to, a leading book recommendation and review website, thanks to a subscription taken out by [xxxx] Library.

The very best books entertain, engage and enlighten. They wrap us in their world, giving us a window into the lives of others or a mirror to reflect on ourselves. These are the books you'll find on BookBrowse - such as novels that whisk you to unfamiliar times and places, thrillers that are more than just 'page-turners', and thought-provoking non-fiction that entertains as it informs.

Some of BookBrowse's content is publicly available, but a number of premium features are accessible only by subscription. [xxxx] cardholders can now use their library card to access members-only content by visiting [insert the quick link for your library].

Here are a few highlights of what BookBrowse has to offer:

  • In depth reviews that focus on the characters, themes, writing style, and the overall experience of reading the book, so you can decide if it's going to be right for you.
  • "Beyond the Book" articles that explore historical, cultural and contextual aspects of each featured book.
  • Previews of the top 80+ books publishing each month, including reviews from numerous pre-pub sources - all in one spot. Each review is abbreviated to the reviewer's salient opinion thus avoiding plot spoilers and repetition.
  • More than 200 recommended reading lists, by genre, time period, setting, award winners, and a wide range of themes.
  • Handpicked "if you liked this, try these" recommendations for over 3000 books and 2000 authors.
  • Rich information and guidance for book clubs, including advice on starting and running a club, recommended books, reading guides, interviews with book clubs, and online book discussions that patrons can participate in.
  • Fun quizzes, book news, polls, author interviews and book giveaways.
  • All books link directly to ""[xxxx] Library's catalog so you can check availability with one click!

Library Director, [name] says, "[your quote - see below for example quotes used in the past]"

Founded in 1998, is an online magazine and recommendation source for readers. It is particularly suited to book club members and those who read to expand their horizons. Some of BookBrowse's content is publicly available, but many premium features are accessible only by subscription. Patrons of [xxxx] Library can access with their library card by going to

About [Library Name]
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Press contacts: Davina Morgan-Witts, Founder & Executive Editor, (408) 867-6500 (direct)

[Library Name][Name], [Tel]

Example quotes others have used in the past:

We're excited to be able to offer BookBrowse to our patrons because it's so easy to use, and filled with such great content. Because patrons can also access it outside of the library, it's the next best thing to having your own personal librarian.

BookBrowse makes it easy and fun to find that next great read , and then reserve it at [your library's name] with just a few clicks. I love using BookBrowse, and we know our patrons will, too.