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The Gospel According To Larry

by Janet Tashjian

The Gospel According To Larry by Janet Tashjian X
The Gospel According To Larry by Janet Tashjian
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  • First Published:
    Oct 2001, 227 pages

    May 2003, 256 pages


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There are currently 56 reader reviews for The Gospel According To Larry
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This book rocked.
I dont understand why anyone wouldnt like this book. Who cares what you think of Larry's ideas. Its still a great book with an amazing plot. I read the whole book in one sitting. The whole time i thought it was real. (aparently Im not the only one) Larry has inspired me to live a simpler life. (dont worry.. Im no groupie) Im already narrowing down my list of possesions... Anyway, I cant wait to read "Vote for Larry".

P.S. Im a freshman (14) but i recomend this book for all ages.

I, too, would like to know what the Authors e-mail address is. You should post it here or somthing.

Hi Michael: Visit the author's biography at BookBrowse and you'll find a link to her website. I don't believe she provides an email address but, like all authors, you can write to her c/o her publisher. You'll find contact details on her website. -- Davina,

Good Book
This book was great. The characters were not "perfect" like

people are saying. Josh steals from his stepfather to get his point

across, Beth is an idiot and can not see that "Todd Terrific", the

jock, is using her. Betagold is a complete jerk, and everyone else

who says that they are anti-consumerists but into the Larry

hype the second the media gets hold of it!

But, of course, flawed characters are what make a book

great. I mean, who wants to read about a perfect kid with a

perfect life?! Can you say BORING? The only thing i disliked

about the book was the ending, but I am looking forward to the

sequal: "Vote for Larry".

I just wanted to say this, thanks for listening.

PS: I am 14 years old, 15 in a month.

Wow. That's all I can say right now because I was blown away by this book. I started reading it at like 9:00 and finished it at like 1:30 (hey I'm a slow reader, sue me) and I just couldn't put this book down. I have to admit that the ending was a dissappointment, even though he did get the book published. I also am dissappointed that this is evidentally not a true story. I read the whole thing thinking it was a true story, and was inspired, yet people keep telling me it's a ficticous story. Oh well.
This is a great book for teens, as I am a Freshman in high school (14 yrs) and "HAD" to read this book for school. Boy was I wrong about it. I recomend it to everyone who likes contemporary (and sometimes humouros) stories.
By the way, please refrain from listening to any of those people who give it, say....1 STAR! They either need to get a life or are too old to read this book. Older people can't understand the wisdom of us teens, like Josh (not that I'm saying that I'm wise. Believe me. I'm anything BUT wise). But can't they understand that Josh was doing a GOOD THING? They call him a goody-two-shoes and stuff but still...LAY OFF THE GUY, WILL YA???!!!!!! sorry. had to get that out of my system.

I don't know why people would judge this book poorly.
It is an awesome book that requires us to think about what we do everyday, what we buy, where, own, etc.
It defies the latest trend in buying "brand clothes" such as Abercrombie, Hollister, and others.
Do we really need such things?
What Larry is telling us is to think about what he have in our possession and when we decide to add something.
The story also shows that people usually have two sides, and Larry's is expressed online, where confidence isn't an issue.
You can't see the other person, so therefore can't judge him/her.
Not only does it defy commercialism it also shows examples of other characteristics.
What the question you should be asking is:
Is this really a true story?

Awesome book totally couldn't put it down!! But I wasn't sure if this book was based off a true story... I guess I will have to find that out myself but it was good!!

Larry is just an average kid who decides to challenge the the every day consumer. He starts a website and preaches about the cult that is hi fashion and pop culture. No one know who he is, but everyone knows who he is. Then all at once his identity is released and he starts geting interviewed on talk shows about how he did it. But no one cares anymore about his views. He becomes part of pop culture and his teachings are lost completely. I loved this book becuase it makes you think about what commercialism is doing to the world.

I absolutley loved this book!! The plot as gripping and really made you feel like you were part of this very special, yet depressing journey as Josh Swenson struggles to find his true self, and by creating his alter ego larry can express his views on commercialism and life in general. If you want to see a different view on life this is a great book for you!!!
P.S. I am thirteen years old

This was a GREAT book! A friend recommended it to me, and I read it in less than 3 hours! It really opened my eyes to how much consumerism there really is in our society. It has really inspired me. I was a little disappointed because of the ending though. I didn't realize there was another one either, until I visited this webpage. But I'll be sure to pick up a copy! (13 yr old 8th grader)

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