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What readers think of The Gospel According To Larry, plus links to write your own review.

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The Gospel According To Larry

by Janet Tashjian

The Gospel According To Larry by Janet Tashjian X
The Gospel According To Larry by Janet Tashjian
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  • First Published:
    Oct 2001, 227 pages

    May 2003, 256 pages


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There are currently 56 reader reviews for The Gospel According To Larry
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This book was awesome and the storyline was just building up and building up and then it just ends.

When I read the book it really opened my eyes to anti-consumerism. i give this book a 4 out of 5 because it was entertaining and enlightening.
Average Human 41

   This book was brought to me by a book order, I thought this book would be rebelias(Spell check), and it is, for a while, but if bought or rented this beause of the same reason I did, be aware!
Sierra J.

Execellent Book
I'm a 12th grader and this was my first time hearing of this book in my english 9 class. We were assigned chapters to read but I read the whole book in one sitting. I would recommand this book to be read by all students from middle to high school. The plot of the story is amazing . I really like this book.

The Gospel According to Larry was one of the worst books I have ever read. Although the plot was gripping and realistic, well written, and had a good message, I thought that the charitars weree not that great.
What I did not like about the chairitars was the fact that they were all so perfect.(Exept for Catherine) Look at Josh/Larry. He is smart and not once in the whole book does something really mean. Yeah, so he has hacked into blockbuster's website. But he has no flaws. Beth is Smart and pretty. She does the " quotation" thing with her hands, but SO WHAT!!! She, like Josh, never does anything mean. Catherine, on the other hand, is fat, dopey, and has a strange obsesion with collecting Humpty-Dumpty merchendise. If you are looking for a book with chairictars you can relate to, The Gospel According to Larry is NOT a good book for you. Iam twelve years old.
Me :)

I felt that although the book's message about commercialism was important, the read was a different story. The way the author presented the message was juvenile and not flowing. Also. I felt the story lagged in some parts. The Gospel According the Larry is definately not one of my favorite works, but is thought provoking and a good book for a discussion group.

Why Larry is missing the big picture
When I picked up "The Gospel According to Larry," I expected something interesting, thought-provoke, maybe that even had a message. I was pretty dissapointed. First point: Josh is supposed to be a 17 yr. old super genius, so why does he sound like a whiny 2 year old when he writes his sermons. "Oh, Corprate america is full of jerks, especially my stepfather. They ruined the planet and force us to buy advertising-employed products." Granted, this is overly dramatic, but you get my point, right?

Second, don't you think Josh should have focused on something more important than pointing fingers about the world's problems at the corporate bigshots. Maybe offer solutions, or even questions, instead of uninformed rants? No one in real life wants to hear some kid wail on the very adults that have been feeding and taking care of him for 3 years! And if there are people in 3rd world countries living on $2 a day, why blame the Ad market? How about realising that is 3rd world countries, there is a much lower amount of cash per capita, so 2 dollars goes a lot further (all though still not far enough). How about sending out your allowance instead of telling the government to give them more money than they alread have! (which is millions of dollars, by the way)

Enough already. Sure, the plot was entertaining, but the content of the message was dissapointing. 2 stars from a 14 year old who'd rather have the facts.

OH MY CHEESE IS THIS KID A WANKER! sorry for all you guys who agree with this kid but he's absurd! it's just plain stupid to think some of this stuff. i'm one of the least materialistic peopole i know and i'm smart enough to know that this kid is a moron! granted he's fictional, but some people really think the stuff he has to say is life changing when the truth is he's working against himself! he is so caught up in doing things for other people and cant even see it. he judges way too quickly and he's making himself miserable! grr!

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