Today, Google has finally opened its much talked about online bookstore with over 3 million titles available for free plus hundreds of thousands available for purchase.

Here's hoping that the Google eBookstore will somewhat level the playing field for indie bookstores. In fact, many independent bookstores are already signed up with Google's eBookstore, and early indications are that they're not wasting anytime getting up and running!

According to eBookNewser, Gayle Shanks, owner of Changing Hands Bookstore, in Tempe, AZ says, "we know our tech savvy customers want to continue to support their local indie store and now they will be able to when they want an eBook rather than a hard copy. It's very exciting and a nice adjunct to our bricks and mortar storefront;" and Christine Onorati, owner of WORD, an indie bookstore in Brooklyn, sold their first eBook in the first hour after Google's launch!

Thanks for your blog -I find the whole business tremendously exciting and am ever so grateful that, even at my age, I am able to keep up with all the wonderful new stuff that is happening. S.
# Posted By Shirley | 12/7/10 8:22 PM
So happy that Google makes possible book store sales of e-books, like "What ARE We Talking About When We Talk About "Race"? Doing well as a Kindle selection, with accelerating interest.
# Posted By Marshall H Segall | 12/10/10 1:05 PM
I looked on the Google ebookstore website and found a couple of the books on my list, but as with the Kindle I’m sure the choices will be expanding. They advertise thousands of books and many of the bestsellers are listed on the opening page, some of which were selling for less than $9.99 and some for more. All of the books can be accessed via your favorite independent bookstore.
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# Posted By alexcampbell | 2/17/11 1:22 AM
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