BookBrowse For Libraries

Librarians Say

"We're absolutely loving BookBrowse! For the fun of it, I took a peek at our YTD usage stats and in two months, we've already seen more use of this service than many of our others in a year!"

-- Erin Chestnutt, Beauregard Parish Library, LA.

"This is a database that is extremely helpful for those who love books and authors. Set up for the casual reader who is interested in finding books to read, and for the book group member wishing to find something new for their group.

BookBrowse a wonderful tool in assisting patrons looking for reading material. Through this database you can find out about new books coming out, and when paperback copies of cherished books will become available.

There are stellar recommendations of books for the patron to select from. In addition to publisher reviews, they also offer reader reviews, which can be very useful when selecting a book for a book group.

There are numerous resources within this database that can help improve your book group as well. There are reading guides for many of the books now being read in book groups. Information about the authors, reviews of titles, everything you need to present a book to your group, or to add commentary to the group.

What I love best is the chance to search by theme. When selecting for a book group, or when trying to decide on something new to read, so many times you need to just look through a roll of books and hope to find something that will catch your eye.

BookBrowse has it set up that when you select "Find a Book" it directs you to all the wonderful ways you can now hunt for a book. Adult Fiction, and non-fiction, Settings, Time Periods, Themes, Favorites, Award Winners are the headings that will direct you to great books that you might miss in a 'regular' book list."

-- Terye Balogh, Santa Clara County Library, CA

"BookBrowse is a wonderful, easy-to-use service that provides excellent book recommendations. We love the thorough reviews, read-alikes, author interviews and reading group guides."

-- Ali Birnbach, Mill Valley Public Library

"BookBrowse just gets better and better over time - kind of like a fine wine; the richest content of any readers' advisory service by far."

-- Carol Kubala, librarian at Saxton B. Little Free Library
& readers' advisory moderator at WebJunction

"I love BookBrowse. I am a librarian at a large public library and BookBrowse is tremendously helpful to me. It helps me stay one step ahead of my reading public!"

-- David

"Of all our electronic resources, BookBrowse is the favorite of our patrons, and our stats show it's the most used."

-- Georgia Robinson, City of Kawartha Lakes Public Library

"It's a clear and easy to use website. That it's independent is a big plus ... other websites are slanted toward making sales - not BookBrowse."

-- Larry Koeninger, Fort Dodge Public Library

Patrons Say

"I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy BookBrowse. I always look forward to the reviews of new books and all the information provided such as reading guides and member reviews. This is an absolutely wonderful source of information. I am so thankful of the day I first came across it."


"I love your web site. I can say you are directly responsible for expanding my reading horizons exponentially. I almost never disagree with your double thumbs up reviews."


"What a joy it is to share in your love of books. The time it saves coupled with the books introduced is by now a part of our life - a gift. Thanks!"


"I can't imagine living without my BookBrowse! Thank you so very much for all the hard and dedicated work you do to bring us a marvelous ezine. BookBrowse is good reading about good reading -- keep up the good work!"


"What an absolute gem of a web site for book lovers! It wants for nothing, and it is so useful for those of us who like to do a bit of research on our next book purchase. Its straight-forward use with no commercial entanglements is refreshing and does nothing to discourage one to browse for hours."


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