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What People Say About BookBrowse

  • BookBrowse has been featured in many articles and reviews in media such as The Washington Post, New York Times, BBC, Publishers Weekly, The American Library Association, and Shelf Awareness
  • I look forward to another year of reviews and book news. Being a member has truly expanded my reading world. While I have always been a reader, I have read books I wouldn’t have otherwise known about if not for BookBrowse. Thank you!
    —Gabi J, Evansville, Indiana (BookBrowse member since 2021)
  • BookBrowse is such a great source for ‘everything books’ and has been such a wealth of information. Thank you so much for the OUTSTANDING job you do!
    —Candy F (BookBrowse member since 2015)
  • I am delighted to belong to BookBrowse because of the vast resources available. I lead two book clubs, so I look for good resources on the authors, background on books, and other information to enlighten my members.
    —Dorothy M (BookBrowse member since 2018)
  • Every year, I try to read the award winners from different categories. I changed it to your 20 Best of the Year nominees this year. I am on #9 of 20 and have loved every one of them. BookBrowse is the site that I trust the most. The books have been a welcome escape from life for a while. I'm so glad I am a member!
    —Anthony C, Maryland (BookBrowse member since 2019)
  • Thank you for the wonderful service you provide at such a low cost! Can't tell you how much my life is enriched by BookBrowse!
    —Laure R (BookBrowse member since 2014)
  • You do such a grand job of wading through all the books out there...your guidance in all genres is the best!
    —Ann Z (BookBrowse member since 2007)
  • I wanted to let you know how much I have enjoyed BookBrowse for many years. Thank you for providing this excellent service. I look forward to another year of in-depth book reviews and recommendations. You do an excellent job.
    —Lynn P (BookBrowse member since 2006)
  • You are putting out the most consistently excellent and reader-friendly book review site available anywhere. It's such a pleasure to read.
    —James B (BookBrowse member since 2015)
  • I love BookBrowse. It is a wonderful site for book info. Rarely do I choose to read a book that I have not learned about from BookBrowse.
    —DeeAnn G (BookBrowse member since 2015)
  • Best bargain in town! Renew. Renew. Renew!
    —Karen M (BookBrowse member since 2006)
  • Just wanted to let you know that I LOVE BookBrowse! Always find the most up to date info about everything I want to read! Best membership I ever bought.
    —Maria M (BookBrowse member since 2016)
  • I want to let you know how much I LOVE BookBrowse. I'm on a library committee for our summer reading books and am using BookBrowse even more than I usually do. I swear there is not enough time in the day to read everything I want to read! When I retire between BookBrowse and crochet I'll keep busy! Just wanted you to know how much I enjoy BookBrowse!
    —Eileen K (librarian and member)
  • I have used BookBrowse so much over the years and just want you to know how much it has enriched my life. The "publishing soon" portion is my bible to reserve books at the library and the First Impressions program is utterly gratifying. Your website is a joy and a place I can go that never fails to bring me serenity and knowledge. Thank you for being such a loyal guide for us book lovers out there.
    —D.C., San Diego (Member since 2009)
  • I have been a member of your site for about 2 years now. Over the past couple of years I have been subscribed to 4 literary magazines. However, I will only be keeping my subscription to BookBrowse, it is the best book website I have ever encountered and the book recommendations and book reviews are awesome. I want to thank you for such a wonderful site created for all of us book lovers. Thank You.
    —Rosario D
  • BookBrowse gets an 'A' for easy-to-use info and smart advice...the armchair version of browsing your favorite bookstore.
    —Family Circle Magazine
  • I don't know how I got along without BookBrowse! Sure makes my reading more interesting ... I don't have to worry about bookstores closing early, or the library hours being shortened. I just log on to your site whenever I want to browse!
    —Jean N (BookBrowse member)
  • Hot Website for Book Lovers! ....
    —Woman's World
  • My passion for BookBrowse is nothing new, but I had to say thank you for the latest issue. I have never put so many titles on my "Want To Read List" as I have today.
    —Mary (BookBrowse member)
  • I was in a book store the other day with a good friend, and I was amazed at all the new titles I had either already read or have on hold at the library (as was she!). .... I find that my reading has benefited immensely from the Bookbrowse recommendations. I m definitely reading better quality books these days thanks to your wonderful magazines. Thank you so much for all your hard work on behalf of us bookworms!
    —Kim K (BookBrowse member)
  • I love and I would definitely recommend it for the avid reader. You can browse the website for free, but I recommend becoming a member. Membership has its privileges, and as a member you can browse books by author, title, genre, theme, time period and country of setting. You can also discuss the book with the author, join a book discussion or book club. I really love this site and chose to become a member because I am constantly looking for book recommendations and find it very helpful to be able to browse by time period and country setting. Also this website is not in any way compensated by authors or book publishers to recommend their books in any way and they do have reader reviews. So you do not feel like they are paid to recommend a book, because they are not.
    —MissReadALot blog, Rating 10/10.
  • If I hadn't been convinced before that BookBrowse is the bargain of the century, I am now. The fact that you took the time to ask if my problem has been resolved has put me over the edge!
    —Susan F (BookBrowse member)
  • I really enjoy BookBrowse. The reviews help me narrow down books to read especially when time is not abundant. I'm cutting back on expenses, but I consider BookBrowse to be an "essential." Thanks for a wonderful resource.
    —Andrienne G (BookBrowse member)
  • I just want to thank everyone at BookBrowse for the absolute best website on the internet for book information. I require my daily fix of BookBrowse. It is like designer coffee because it gives me a boost for the day with tasty and eye-catching appeal. And it is also like a good wine because I like to cuddle up with it right before bed. You guys really rock! Thanks.
    —Betsy H (BookBrowse member)
  • BookBrowse just gets better and better over time - kind of like a fine wine; the richest content of any readers' advisory service by far.
    —Carol K (librarian & member)
  • I'm starting my second year with your membership and I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoy your site. I always look forward to the reviews of new books and all the information provided such as reading guides and member reviews. This is an absolutely wonderful source of information. I am so thankful of the day I first came across it.
    —Betty (BookBrowse member)
  • This is a great service and one I am so pleased to receive. Keep up the good work and for sharing when it would be so much easier to curl up in a comfy chair and read, read, read! And let the rest of the world go by!
    —Carolyn (BookBrowse member)
  • I love your web site. I can say you are directly responsible for expanding my reading horizons exponentially. I almost never disagree with your 5-star reviews.
    —Georganne (BookBrowse member)
  • Recently my friend who was vacationing in FL asked me by e-mail if I had heard about the problem with the latest Newbery Award winner. I had not but knew you would have, so I checked and sure enough there was all the info I needed for her including print out material from the author and Publisher's Weekly. This just reinforces what I have said to everyone I know that your e-mag is amazing. Thanks again - I use your recommendations all the time.
    —Jeanne (BookBrowse member)
  • Being a few years into retirement and a book lover, it was really great to find your site. Since then I have also purchased a membership for my son. I enjoy so many parts of BookBrowse that I will not take time to elaborate (we could both be reading!)
    —Bob (BookBrowse member)
  • What a joy it is to share in your love of books. The time it saves coupled with the books introduced is by now a part of our life - a gift. Thanks!
    —Osnat (BookBrowse member)
  • I really enjoy your website and my book club friends think I am so smart because I am so informed about books!
    —Betty (BookBrowse member)
  • I just wanted to let you know that you are doing a phenomenal job with BookBrowse. At first I questioned whether or not I really wanted to pay an annual fee for it, but it has proven to be an excellent investment.
    —Jacqui (BookBrowse member)
  • Although I haven't had time to read your latest edition completely, I read enough to think it was superb. It made me change my mind and extend my subscription after my free trial. My Bookmarks Magazine came a few days ago, and I find your newsletter much more helpful to me. Maybe I'll just start skimming the New York Times Book Review and the Washington Post. I really want to find the time to read BookBrowse.
    —Roan (BookBrowse member)
  • We have had a book club here in Stamford CT for over 4 years. Once I discovered your site.....all of my "picks" are from your lists and recommendations. Thank you so much for making it so easy for me, and others in our club, to make great choices easily.
    —Kim (BookBrowse member)
  • As a bookstore owner I find your ezine very helpful in keeping up with new titles as I am frequently consulted by local book clubs.
    —Bill (BookBrowse member)
  • I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your wonderful newsletter. It has exposed me to many great books that I would have otherwise missed. What I find most helpful is the commentaries from you. I tend to disregard or take with a grain of salt the blurbs found on book covers and magazines from other writers, newspapers, and publishers and only rely on a handful who have proved their trustworthiness and compliment my own taste. Now I can add Bookbrowse to that number. Even when I don't agree with your assessment of a book (although that hasn't happened yet, lol) I know that it was an honest opinion, uninfluenced by the possibility of profit. An opinion of a friend and lover of books who wishes to share what they have found with others. Enough said! Thanks again.
    —Velma (BookBrowse member)
  • I had to write and let you know how thrilled I am about BookBrowse. I am a new subscriber and this is the third time I logged on and I can browse for forever---finding new books and especially discovering new Authors. Great idea! Big thank you the best money I ever spent.
    —Ann (BookBrowse member)
  • I must say I was a bit indecisive about paying for a subscription, but I love your site so much that I couldn't give it up. Not knowing the work that must go into it, I went ahead and subscribed. I haven't been disappointed and love features like creating a reading list and finding other books. Your wonderfully quick responses before and now have added to this enjoyment and thought you should know that. I am an avid reader and love that your reviews are so varied.
    —Ronni (BookBrowse member)
  • Since finding your site I have saved myself an enormous amount of money by buying books that I have previewed and had such pleasure reading the newsletters, interviews etc. You deserve to have great success for all your hard work and I look forward to many years of Bookbrowse membership. Thank you for the pleasure this site has given me.
    —Pam (BookBrowse member)
  • I have traveled the web a plenty for a site such as yours, and now that I've found it I just stay put, and wait for the treasures to come in.
    —Vera (BookBrowse member)
  • Your newsletter makes me feel confident and intelligent when I go to my book club. I also terrorize my local librarians always wanting the newly published books!
    —Rita (BookBrowse member)
  • I really enjoy receiving your newsletter - it runs rings around the ones I receive from publishers and other sites. I particularly like the previews and using your site I put books on "hold" at my local library and am usually able to get them early. I love to read. Keep up the good work.
    —Barbara, Australia (BookBrowse member)
  • I have to tell you when I finally found this site, after flimsy sites with little to no information, I swear a light shone down on my monitor, and angels begin to sing. I ve bookmarked this site, and will use it regularly. With the large quantity of books I tend to buy, this should help me make sure I m only spending my loot on the good stuff.
    —Angela (BookBrowse member)
  • Davina, I just love your "BookBrowse". I feel like you are a friend writing me a letter. I forget sometimes that we have never met. Thank you so much for all the "literary" info.
    —Clare (BookBrowse member)
  • As always, your newsletter is outstanding. I keep passing it on to friends. I will be 72 years old next Monday and my "20-something" friends love it just as much as I do. Keep up the great work. Three more cheers!
    —Bev (BookBrowse member)
  • Your site is invaluable for me. After reading some of those excerpts I have decided sometimes to buy the book and not listen to what others on say Amazon have said. I have recommended it to many people also. You do an unbelievable job. Bravo!
    —Hila (BookBrowse member)
  • Your site is exemplary! I belong to a bookclub and we choose our books based on genres/categories and searching on your site will make suggestions and selections much easier. Even finding and then purchasing the book is no longer an issue, there are choices....used or new, discounted or full retail. I am grateful to have landed with you!
    —Karen W (BookBrowse member)
  • Just to say thank you for doing such a great job with this site. I have found so many good reads that I wouldn't have if not for BookBrowse. I especially like historical fiction and author's first books. Thanks again for your recommendations.
    —Edie (BookBrowse member)
  • What an absolute gem of a web site for book lovers! It wants for nothing, and it is so useful for those of us who like to do a bit of research on our next book purchase. Its straight-forward use with no commercial entanglements is refreshing and does nothing to discourage one to browse for hours. I just wanted to compliment you on a great site and encourage you to keep up the great work for all book lovers, thank you.
    —Marty, Canada (BookBrowse member)
  • I can't imagine living without my BookBrowse! Thank you so very much for all the hard and dedicated work you do to bring us a marvelous ezine. BookBrowse is as intimate, personal and in-depth as the good literature it supports. It's good reading about good reading! I admire you and BookBrowse -- keep up the good work!
    —Christina (BookBrowse member)
  • BookBrowse is the first web site I've come across that's exactly what it should be. No unnecessary links to wade through - it's just easy to find what I want, when I want it. I think you've done a spectacular job! Keep up the good work!
    —Lin (BookBrowse member)
  • I have looked at many sites for books and after yours, I'm afraid, I get really annoyed at the lack of information they give you, and then, expect you to buy the books. I always look at your site first before I purchase any books. It saves me time and money and I have never got a bad book since reading your site.
    —Madonna (BookBrowse member)

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