So Much Love for Library Book Groups!

So Much Love for Library Book GroupsI'm excited to share with you my article on the American Library Association's Book Club Central website: "So Much Love for Library Book Groups!"

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It's based on our recently released report: The Inner Lives of Book Clubs: Who Joins Them and Why, What Makes Them Succeed, and How They Resolve Problems.

Here's a brief snippet from the article:

  • Statistically speaking, there is barely a difference between happiness in public book groups compared to private ones: 71% of those in public groups (most of which meet in libraries) say they are very happy in their group, 24% say they are somewhat happy.
  • 69% of those in public groups say their book club is "very important" to them--the exact same percentage as in private groups.
  • 57% of respondents in public book clubs (most of which meet in libraries) have been with their group at least five years.
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    The ALA closed Book Club Central in mid-2019 so we have republished the article in BookBrowse's Blog

    And, just in case you missed it, here's a link to an earlier aticle in Publishers Weekly.

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