Home FrontWould you like to know more about World War I but are nervous about getting bogged down in weighty nonfiction or possibly flawed fiction reads?

Do you enjoy listening to a good yarn that wraps historical fact around a great narrative story?

If you do, then I urge to tune into BBC Radio 4's Home Front.

Set in Folkestone, on the south-east coast of England, Home Front follows the lives of the people of the town from the eve of war through to its end in 1918. Broadcast 5 days a week, each 13 minute episode is set against the backdrop of the real events that took place 100 years ago to the very day, giving the story great immediacy and relevance. Folkestone is close enough to France that the residents could hear the shelling from the trenches and was one of the main ports for soldiers embarking and returning, so the people of the town really are in the thick of things, dealing not only with the personal day to day challenges of their lives, but also with the impact of the war on their community and their families, both home and away.

All back episodes are being stored online for at least a year, so you can listen to them online or download podcasts.

--Davina (BookBrowse editor)

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