Over the last few years we've discovered many exceptional books through BookBrowse's "First Impressions" program, including these three Fall debut novels which our members are particularly enthusiastic about:

The Night CircusErin Morgenstern's first novel, The Night Circus, took our reviewers by storm. Set in a fantastical circus at the turn of the 20th century it offers a feast for the senses and the heart.

Ilyse enthuses, "I absolutely adored this book, an enchanting, magical fairy tale. From the beginning you are transported to another time and place, and you will not want to leave. This is a story about love, destiny and magic and it is so beautifully written that I had to force myself to slow down and enjoy the writing instead of rushing ahead so that more of the story was revealed. All of the characters are wonderfully written, including the character of the circus itself. This is a story that you will not soon forget. An absolute pleasure to read."

Doubleday will publish The Night Circus on September 13.
The Language of FlowersVanessa Diffenbaugh's debut, The Language of Flowers, has also received abundant praise with 21 out of 25 reviewers giving it top marks.

MaryEllen expresses her appreciation saying, "I was pulled right into this fascinating novel because of the beautiful writing style, the complexity of Victoria's character, and the mesmerizing story that unfolded. A lovely bonus included at the end is a Dictionary of Flowers and their meanings. If I could make a bouquet for the author I would fill it with bouvardia (enthusiasm), lisianthus (appreciation), and bellflower (gratitude)."

Ballantine will publish The Language of Flowers on August 23.

The Homecoming of Samuel Lake Set in 1950s Arkansas, Jenny Wingfield's first novel, The Homecoming of Samuel Lake, is also a hit with the 33 members who've reviewed it so far:

Sue writes, "I didn't just read this book - I inhaled it - devoured it."

While Madeline applauds the author for her "quick, sharp writing style that's softened by the down-home voices of the characters, laugh out loud lines, and a villain you'll want to take care of with your own two hands!"

The Homecoming of Samuel Lake was published last month.

Having had the extreme pleasure to read The Language of Flowers and The Homecoming of Samuel Lake, I can't wait to read The Night Circus. The two previously mentioned books were such wonderfully remarkable books, that if Night Circus is endorsed along with them, it's got to be a real treat!
# Posted By iris fuller | 9/9/11 8:55 PM
Language of Flowers was so wonderful and cannot wait to read the other two.
# Posted By SallyAnn | 9/16/11 8:22 AM
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