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Amazon's revenue larger than the GDP of half the world's countries!

Did you know...

  1. Amazon's $34 billion annual revenues are larger than the GDPs of half the countries in the world.
  2. Amazon's web sales are five times the combined web sales of Walmart, Target and
  3. Amazon serves 137 million customers a week, 33% more than voted in the 2010 USA elections. That's 19.5 million customers daily - equal to the population of Beijing, or the number of Americans who live on less than $6000 a year.
  4. The average amount brought in by one of Amazon's unique users is $189. That's almost five times as valuable as Ebay's average ($39).
  5. Amazon owns 1/10th of North America's e-commerce pie.
  6. If Amazon's active users were a country, their population would be twice that of Canada.
  7. With 50,000 preorders, Kindle Fire is set to double the launch of the iPad.
  8. Amazon's current cloud platform could store 82 books for each person on the earth.
  9. Amazon's warehouse space has grown from a 400 square foot garage in 1995 to 25 million square feet - equivalent to more than 700 Madison Square Gardens.

Thanks to for these stats and the elegant infographic below that charts the rise, and rise, of Amazon...
Amazon Infographic

Source: FrugalDad

I initially questioned the data in Chart 3 but having checked the census data on household income (, the stat about 19.5 million Americans living on less than $6000 a year does appear to be accurate. According to the census, 18 million people live in households earning less than $10000 a year which, with average household size in that income band of 2 people or less, would equate to an average individual income of about $6000. A further 62 million live in households earning less than $25000.
# Posted By Davina (BookBrowse Editor) | 11/18/11 2:36 PM
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