The author Neil Gaiman is a prominent backer of libraries and literacy, and he has a great idea for a new Halloween tradition. He thinks we should all give scary books as gifts on Halloween. He's calling it All Hallow's Read.  As a fan of Gaiman's work, books in general, and scary things – I think this sounds like fun.

Gaiman mentioned it to his million online fans last year, and got a great response. So this year there's a website, a video and a lot of buzz.  Give scary books for children, adults and even strangers. There are All Hallow's Read bookplates that you can download and print to put inside a book and drop it where someone will find it – a random act of scary kindness. I love to give books, so this is just one more great excuse to do that.

What do you think? Will you be giving books this year along with your candy?

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- Bev Melven

Marnie Colton just posted a great scary reading list on our Facebook page ( ), so I'm reposting it here... "I love eerie psychological/supernatural literature, but it is hard to find. I would recommend The Little Stranger and Affinity by Sarah Waters and The Icarus Girl by Helen Oyeyemi. And of course, Henry James' Turn of the Screw and its film version with Deborah Kerr, The Innocents."
# Posted By Davina (BookBrowse Editor) | 10/28/11 9:39 AM
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