The Inner Lives of Book Clubs

A Webinar for Librarians Who Run Book Clubs or Advise Patrons in Groups

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About the Presentation:
This 50 minute webinar is recommended for librarians who run book groups and/or provide readers’ advisory to those in groups.

Publisher Davina Morgan-Witts has shared actionable findings from BookBrowse's Inner Lives of Book Clubs report with many industry groups. This webinar was recorded for the Oregon Library Association's virtual conference in Spring 2020.

Topics include:

  • How the world of book groups is much broader than many perceive it to be.
  • The factors that most successful groups have in common.
  • What book clubs look for in their books.
  • What people want from a book group, and how well-placed public libraries are to meet this need.
  • How to run multiple, diverse book clubs without exhausting staff by partnering with the community, and how to create an inclusive and welcoming environment.

The program also includes ideas for book club discussions that do not revolve around reading an individual book. These ideas addressed the immediate challenge during the pandemic for book clubs that relied on borrowing books in print from the library and were unable to do so while it was closed, but are relevant for any book club at any time that is interested in trying something new.