New Research: Book Clubs in Lockdown!

Book Clubs in Lockdown - cover2020 has been a tough year; we have faced restrictions due to the ongoing pandemic, social unrest, and a bitterly contested and divisive Presidential election in the USA. Many of us have been separated from our family and friends. With so many lives disrupted, we wondered…how has all this impacted readers and particularly those in book clubs? So in October we launched a survey to find out! Within two weeks we had over 4,500 responses, including 3,400 from book club members.

Since then, the BookBrowse team has been working to analyze the responses (there was a lot of information!) to build a clearer picture of how book clubs are reacting to the challenges they've faced this year, and what this might mean for the long term. I want to thank all who took part in the survey, many with very detailed and well-considered comments, through which we've gained many insights that we're eager to share with you.

The "Book Clubs in Lockdown" report is just released and is available to you in full for free. Go to to download your copy and, when you have, please do share with others.

We're already receiving wonderfully positive comments from those who've read it, and the research is also the focus of this week's Publishers Weekly Soapbox column.

So what did we learn? The good news is that three-quarters of those who responded are in book clubs that have found ways to continue meeting – almost two-thirds of which are using Zoom, the remainder are meeting in person with the great majority taking safety precautions. Many tell us that they have experienced sickness, quarantines or even fatalities in their immediate circle, and they feel drained by current events; but they also feel supported by their book club and frequently say that they have a greater appreciation for their group. In fact, half say their book club is even more important to them than it was last year.

As you would expect, group experiences differ, with some adapting easily, others less so. Challenges abound, but book clubs have risen to these challenges. Over the coming months, we plan to publish a series of articles in this blog, drawing upon the research. If you would like to know when a new article publishes, I suggest you subscribe to this blog, or to one or more of our newsletters.

Book Clubs Meeting Virtually - Pros and Cons

Download the full report for free

You can download the full report for free at It is also available in print for about $13 at bookstores (which is the lowest price we can offer without making a loss) and for somewhat less at wholesale from Ingram.

Please Share

Please do share your downloaded copy with your friends. We'd also be very grateful if you wished to post on social media or, if you are a blogger, to write about the research (press release here, and if you need any images or information, email us and we'd be glad to help).

With best wishes for a happy and healthy holiday season,

Davina Morgan-Witts, Publisher
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An informative and thought provoking report providing many topics to discuss with book group members and other.
# Posted By Carrie Marlowe | 11/30/20 2:57 PM
A valuable user-friendly resource with implications for society at large. Bravo, BookBrowse!
# Posted By Jessica Zakhari | 11/30/20 4:48 PM
The Bookbrowse report for book clubs is most interesting and helpful to all club members who have adapted and persisted during the pandemic. It is fascinating to compare the results with our own experience here in rural Texas.
I will share the report with our club members, my friends and our local library.
# Posted By Shirley Thomas | 12/2/20 10:47 AM
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