Best Author Interviews of 2013

Below you'll find a dozen of the most interesting author interviews posted on BookBrowse in 2013- a collection of compelling conversations that go deeper than just asking the authors about their writing schedules or what advice they'd give to budding writers. These interviews look at issues and events from around the globe and provide readers with plenty of food for thought.

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Qais Akbar Omar
Author Interview Qais Akbar Omar writes a letter to readers about his first book, A Fort of Nine Towers, explaining what led him to weave the story of his life, his family, and Afghanistan into his book.

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Elizabeth Becker
Author Interview Elizabeth Becker discusses her recent book Overbooked: The Exploding Business of Travel and Tourism and the research she did for five years about the alarming explosion of tourism around the world.

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Erica Brown
Author Interview Erica Brown talks about finding humor in writing Happier Endings, a book about death.

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Megan Chance
Author Interview Megan Chance discusses her latest book, Bone River, set in the mid-19th century in Shoalwater Bay in the Pacific Northwest

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Charlie Lovett
Author Interview Charlie Lovett discusses his debut novel, The Bookman's Tale, and its roots in Shakespeare and the sometimes exclusive world of antiquarian booksellers.

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Virginia Morell
Author Interview Virginia Morell discusses how an interview with Jane Goodall morphed into the book, Animal Wise, if there is an ethical component to animals' feelings, and which authors have influenced her science writing the most.

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Michael Moss
Author Interview Michael Moss discusses his book Salt Sugar Fat, an investigation into the rise of the processed food industry and how the public can get informed about what it eats and how to fight back.

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Kevin Powers
Author Interview Shortlisted for the 2012 National Book Award, The Yellow Birds has been compared to classics in the war genre like All Quiet on the Western Front and Catch-22. Author Kevin Powers tells us if this comparison is justified and describes the role of fiction in driving home the injustices of war.

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Suzanne Rindell
Author Interview A Conversation with Suzanne Rindell, author of The Other Typist which explores her inspirations for the book, her research into the 1920s and the ways women's roles changed at this time, and the power of literature and the written word.

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Kent Wascom
Author Interview Kent Wascom discussed his debut book, The Blood of Heaven, an epic novel about the American frontier in the early days of the nineteenth century, and reflects on the sources which provided the historical context to the story.

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