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    Girl, Woman, Other
    by Bernardine Evaristo

    BookBrowse Review
    As we meet Amma, a 50-something playwright finally experiencing mainstream success in Bernardine Evaristo's Booker Prize-winning novel Girl, Woman, Other, her thoughts flow ...

    Book Reviewed by:
    Elisabeth Cook
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    Beyond the Book: Bernardine Evaristo's Booker Prize Win

    In October of 2019, Bernardine Evaristo took home the Booker Prize in a win that garnered special attention for multiple reasons. Specifically, Evaristo was the first Black woman to win the prize, and she didn't have the win all to herself; the ... Beyond the Book
  • Editor's Choice

    Book Jacket: The Revisioners

    The Revisioners
    by Margaret Wilkerson Sexton

    BookBrowse Review
    The chapters of Margaret Wilkerson Sexton's second novel, The Revisioners, alternate between three timelines. In present-day Louisiana, 34-year-old Ava Jackson and her 12-year...

    Book Reviewed by:
    Lisa Butts
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    Beyond the Book: Income Inequality in New Orleans

    In Margaret Wilkerson Sexton's The Revisioners, mixed race protagonist Ava moves into her aging white grandmother's ostentatious New Orleans mansion in order to help out, and also to save money so she can one day afford to buy a home of her own. ... Beyond the Book
  • Editor's Choice

    Book Jacket: Mary Toft; or, The Rabbit Queen

    Mary Toft; or, The Rabbit Queen
    by Dexter Palmer

    BookBrowse Review
    The year is 1726 and the sleepy town of Godalming has been rocked by scandal. Called to the bedside of Mary Toft, surgeon John Howard watches in horror as she appears to give ...

    Book Reviewed by:
    Callum McLaughlin
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    Beyond the Book: Exploiting the Unknown: Entertainment in the Georgian Era

    A taste for blood and an unfortunate willingness to exploit those considered 'Other' are not wholly unique to the Georgian period, but their prevalence during the era cannot be ignored. By 1726, when the subject of Dexter Palmer's novel Mary Toft; or... Beyond the Book
  • Editor's Choice

    Book Jacket: Life Undercover

    Life Undercover
    by Amaryllis Fox

    BookBrowse Review
    Life Undercover, a riveting true-adventure memoir, reveals how and why a young woman decides to work for the Central Intelligence Agency. In clear, elegant prose, Amaryllis ...

    Book Reviewed by:
    Karen Lewis
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    Beyond the Book: Nuclear Disarmament and World Peace

    In Life Undercover, CIA recruit Amaryllis Fox is tasked with disrupting the trade in black-market weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear materials. Since the first (and, to date, only) nuclear bombs to be used in war were dropped on the ... Beyond the Book

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  • Book Jacket

    by Crissy Van Meter

    Set on the eve of an island wedding, this provocative debut novel exerts a pull as strong as the tides.
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  • Book Jacket

    Father of Lions
    by Louise Callaghan

    A true-to-life narrative of one man's remarkable quest to save the Mosul Zoo.
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    The Lost Man
    by Jane Harper

    "Strong characters, riveting plot and an honest look at life in the Australian outback make it easy to give this 5-stars!"

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    Sugar Run
    by Mesha Maren

    Set within the charged insularity of rural West Virginia, Sugar Run is a searing and ...

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    Lisa Butts

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    The Falconer
    by Dana Czapnik

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    A Spark of Light
    by Jodi Picoult

    A powerful and provocative new novel about ordinary lives that intersect during a heart-...

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  • If the Creek Don't Rise
    by Leah Weiss

    “If the creek don't rise," debut novel by Leah Weiss, is a treasure. Set in an environment of extremes-wretched poverty amidst the majesty of the NC mountains, its ...
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  • Olive, Again
    by Elizabeth Strout

    As with the first book, Olive Kitteridge, this is the story of a singular woman living her brief life on the coast of Maine, creating wreckage with her acerbic tongue and...
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  • The Starless Sea
    by Erin Morgenstern

    I loved this book just as I loved THE NIGHT CIRCUS. Two different reads but Erin Morgenstern is a wonderful writer. THE STARLESS SEA is a book you need to read daily or...
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  • Inland
    by Téa Obreht

    I am not surprised to see that this strange and wondrous novel has generated a wide range of opinions, that it is found by some to be opaque or even pointless. As with ...
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  • News of the World
    by Paulette Jiles

    Captain Kidd had experience traveling uncharted lands as he read his newspapers in different towns to spread the news of the world, but traveling with a ten-year-old girl...
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  • Father of Lions
    by Louise Callaghan

    This book is much more than a book about a zookeeper and his animals. Callaghan writes of the occupation of Mosul by Daesh, the new laws invoked that make daily life very...
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