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The Lost English Girl
by Julia Kelly
Elizabeth @Silver's ReviewsFantastic...don't miss this one!! (3/9/2023)
It is 1935, and Viv is living the perfect life except for her strict home life.

When Viv was able to work and get out of the house, she relished the freedom.

She met Joshua, a handsome Jewish man, whose passion was to become a musician instead of having to work for his father in the family's tailor shop.

Viv and Joshua became romantically involved, and Viv became pregnant.

The only way out of this situation and to keep her parents from being embarrassed was to marry even though they both were so young.

At the wedding her parents did a very unusual and seemingly cruel thing that kept Viv and Joshua apart.

Viv had no choice but to remain in her childhood home with her controlling mother.

When the war broke out four years later, Viv had to send her beautiful Maggie to the countryside to keep her safe from the bombings.

Julia Kelly brings us another heartbreaking, well-researched book that has us following the lives of Viv, Joshua, and Maggie before, during, and after the war.

What will happen to the characters?

And who is the "LOST" English girl?

As always, Ms. Kelly's masterful, engrossing writing style has you not wanting to stop reading for many reasons, but mostly for the characters and the themes of family, forgiving, and learning to live life the way it should be lived.

Don't miss Ms. Kelly's newest is FAB!! 5/5

This book was given to me by the publisher for an honest review - print and NetGalley copy.
A Mother Would Know: A Novel
by Amber Garza
Elizabeth@Silver's Reviews - A bit disappointed in the read (12/21/2022)
How will your adult son coming home to live with you at your request work out?

Valerie’s husband passed away a few years ago, and she is now suffering with memory loss.

She hopes having her son with her will give her some peace of mind, but the opposite happens.

Her son Hudson isn’t the best person to have around. He has a history in the town. He was accused of murdering his girlfriend.

The murdered girl’s mother lives next door and hasn’t forgotten about Hudson especially since he was found not guilty of the crime.

What is going to happen now that Hudson is back home? 

Plenty...including one girl and then another murdered.

We keep getting a hint about something that Valerie did in the past, and she does things in the present that are a bit unbelievable.

Which character is hiding things? I was thinking all of them.

A MOTHER WOULD KNOW has no likable characters in it, and the story line is very confusing.

One minute it’s in the present day and in almost the next sentence it’s in the past, and it takes a minute to figure out where you are in time.

Even though there are some surprises and a great ending, I was a bit disappointed because the book was all over the place, and I have enjoyed other books by Ms. Garza. 3/5

This book was given to me by the publisher via NetGalley for an honest review.
The Dressmakers of Prospect Heights: A Novel
by Kitty Zeldis
Elizabeth@Silver's Reviews - Seamstresses and historical fiction fans will love it (12/10/2022)
Bea, Alice, and Catherine. What is their connection? What are their stories?

Bea had come from Russia, moved to New Orleans, and had met Alice there. Bea found something out from her past that was in New York so she and Alice moved there.

Bea and Alice opened a dress shop and met Catherine the day she stopped in.

Bea was acting very odd when Catherine paid for her purchase. 

Catherine never came back into the shop because Bea had frightened her.

Catherine found out what caused Bea to act so oddly the day they met by accident.

THE DRESSMAKERS OF PROSPECT HEIGHTS takes us from Russia to New Orleans and then to New York and is a beautiful read about family and forgiveness.

Find out the stories and the secrets of these three women in this lovely read that will have you turning the pages and joining in their sorrows and joys.

There are some agonizing moments, but many beautiful, endearing ones.

Seamstresses will adore this book as well as historical fiction fans and women's fiction fans. 5/5

This book was given to me by the author for an honest review.
Secluded Cabin Sleeps Six
by Lisa Unger
Elizabeth@Silver's Reviews - Very long, creepy, not a favorite (11/16/2022)
A storm is brewing outside and inside of the luxurious weekend cabin.

Is everyone who they say they are?

Is everyone telling the truth?

We meet three couples away for the weekend.

You will ask yourself if everything appears as it is presenting itself.

You will wonder what is up with all of these characters.

This book was actually confusing, not at all a favorite, and one I was not anxious to get back to.

Too many things were going on, and there were too many unlikable characters.

It did get a little better around 70, but was creepy throughout, had disturbing scenes and plot, and was a bit long.

I hope it is a better read for you. 3/5

This book was given to me by the publisher via NetGalley for an honest review.
The Last Party: DC Morgan Mysteries #1
by Clare Mackintosh
Elizabeth@Silver'sReviews - Disappointed (11/11/2022)
It definitely was the last party for Rhys Lloyd.

Was it an accident or did someone kill him?

There were quite a few people who didn't like him so there are many suspects for the police to interview.

We meet Ffion and Leo in the opening pages as they crawl out of bed after a one-night stand and then when they are shocked that they are assigned to the same case.

We follow the investigation and the stories behind the these two characters and others.

THE LAST PARTY was a slow read, a bit confusing, difficult for me to keep track of the many characters, and not one I was anxious to get back to.

There were a few surprises, but I was disappointed because I always enjoy Ms. Mackintosh's books.

I hope it turns out better for you when you read it. 3/5

This book was given to me by the publisher via NetGalley for an honest review.
Once We Were Home
by Jennifer Rosner
Elizabeth - Silver's Reviews - Exquisite writing - beautiful, heartbreaking story line (11/9/2022)
Beautifully told in her mesmerizing style, Jennifer Rosner introduces us to four characters who suffered through the war and beyond.

We meet Ana and Oskar whose mother had to give her children to a Polish family who would raise them as their own to keep them safe.

The children had a wonderful life of learning and love but a life that heart-wrenchingly changed after the war.

Where will Ana and Oskar end up?

We meet Roger who grew up in a convent to be kept safe, who was very inquisitive, a clever, witty writer of stories and jokes, and sadly had no parents to go home with on holidays.

We find out what happens to him and where he goes.

We meet Renata as an adult who is a scientist in Israel at an archeological dig. We learn of Israel's beauty as Renata takes side trips to Tel Aviv and other places.

On her shopping trip she finds a hand-chiseled chessboard and an ornately carved set of nesting boxes.

Could the craftsman in the shop be none other than Oskar whose uncle taught him to whittle and make beautiful shapes out of wood?

I will dearly miss the characters…especially Oskar….he was my favorite.

It also was fun to see our favorite violinist again from THE YELLOW BIRD SINGS.

Another beautiful, beautiful but heartbreaking-to-the-core read based on true events.

ONCE WE WERE HOME does have some happy stories tucked inside as well, along with comments you will ponder, and thoughts about life's worries and lessons.

Historical fiction fans will devour this marvelously written, impeccably researched read where Ms. Rosner introduces readers to a little known program organized after the war for displaced children.

Ms. Rosner's writing is exquisite.
The Lost for Words Bookshop
by Stephanie Butland
Elizabeth @Silver's Reviews - A Lovely, Bookish Read (10/28/2022)
Loveday Cardew works in a bookshop owned by Archie.

Working in a bookshop is perfect for Loveday because she is a shy almost introverted person through no fault of her own.

THE LOST FOR WORDS BOOKSHOP is a lovely read and will make you jealous of Loveday’s job, but not of the heartaches she keeps hidden.

Besides the books and the bookshop, the characters in THE LOST FOR WORDS BOOKSHOP are the best, especially Archie....loved him. He is a bit on the unorganized and fly-by-night type of person, but he loves his job, loves Loveday, and loves how Loveday helps him keep the shop going.

Loveday is lovable, sweet, and a bit on the odd side.

Nathan is someone I would like to know and someone very sweet to Loveday.

Rob was annoying and unlikeable.

The secondary characters worked well with the main characters and added mystery and tension.

As THE LOST FOR WORDS BOOKSHOP goes back and forth in time, a few mysteries and secrets about Loveday’s childhood are revealed.

Her family history definitely explained her closed-mouthed-about-her-feelings, lost-for-words personality.

If you like books, bookshops, wonderful characters, a bit of mystery, and secrets kept, THE LOST FOR WORDS BOOKSHOP is for you.

I’m sure most readers fall into most of those categories, so you won’t want to miss reading this charming, alluring read.

The cover itself draws you in.

There are some heartaches in it, but for the most part it is a lovely, bookish read.

ENJOY when you read this book. 5/5

This book was given to me free of charge by the publisher in exchange for an honest review. All opinions are my own.
Cradles of the Reich: A Novel
by Jennifer Coburn
Elizabeth @Silver's Reviews - Excellent Research (10/15/2022)
Is anyone safe in Germany…especially the perfect female examples of the German race.

Gundi is one of the perfect, gorgeous German women chosen by the Reich to bear perfect children to create the master race. She does have a secret, though. Actually she has two secrets.

We meet Hilde who is a staunch follower of the Reich and one of the women who is willing to help fill Germany with perfect children.

And we meet Irma a former nurse and 44 years old. She will be the one encouraging the unwed mothers to stay healthy so they deliver these perfect children.

We meet these women during this dark time in history and at Lebensborn Society maternity home where women arrive already pregnant or will become pregnant by an approved German officer.

Ms. Coburn did amazing, thorough research on a topic I never knew about.

Historical fiction fans will enjoy CRADLES OF THE REICH.

There are many sensitive and heartbreaking topics addressed, and this idea of using German women in this way is something I couldn’t believe. 4/5

This book was given to me by the author via NetGalley for an honest review.
Hester: A Novel
by Laurie Lico Albanese
Elizabeth @Silver's Reviews - Beautifully written (10/5/2022)
Isobel lives in Scotland - a descendant of her namesake living in 1662 and who was labeled a witch.

Isobel is an excellent seamstress and stitches beautiful scenes on clothing.  She marries an apothecary, but he gets into trouble, and they sail to America.

She arrives in Salem determined to use her skill to become independent because her husband took a job on the very boat they came over on.  She will live alone in a remote cottage.

While her husband is away, she meets none other than Nathaniel Hawthorn. Yes. The author of THE SCARLET  LETTER. 

Since her marriage is not filled with love, when she sees Nathaniel she gets an instant feeling that they will become friends.

Do they become friends or lovers? 

She is married, and he is not.

Will one of the hidden As she sews into her clothing be something she will have to prominently display?

HESTER is a beautifully written book focusing on women’s strengths and a take on The Scarlet Letter.

Seamstresses, fans of The Scarlet Letter, historical fiction fans, and fans of this time period will enjoy this book despite some of the odd chapters about witches.  4/5

This book was given to me by the publisher via NetGalley for an honest review.
All Is Not Forgotten
by Wendy Walker
Elizabeth @Silver's Reviews - Tense, stay-with-you thriller (10/5/2022)
A small town, a perfect town, a town with secrets, and a town with the not so perfect residents they think they are.

The night Jenny Kramer is attacked is the night that the town gets turned upside down along with her family. Jenny's father is obsessed with finding her attacker, and the town can't believe something like this could happen in Fairview, Connecticut.

The horrible attack on Jenny brought about a decision her parents had to make concerning a drug that would erase Jenny's complete memory of the attack.

Mr. and Mrs. Kramer were at odds about the drug, but they did agree to go ahead with the treatment.

Along with the treatment comes a psychiatrist, Dr. Forrester, who administered the treatment as well as the doctor who provided therapy for the entire family.

The author definitely expands the reader's knowledge about psychiatric therapy as Dr. Forrester interviews Jenny, her family, and a character named Sean.

We the reader follow the investigation and question who really is the attacker.

ALL IS NOT FORGOTTEN is a powerful, amazingly written read. The story line is highly developed, carried out in an organized fashion, and gives the reader a lot to think about.

You will be frustrated at first because you don't know who the narrator is, but it becomes apparent and is revealed a few chapters in.

By chapter 18 you will be biting your fingernails and be on the edge of your seat with the suspense, possible findings, and seeing how cunning and evil some of the characters are.

Reading ALL IS NOT FORGOTTEN? was a definite treat on an intellectual level, and the approach to the book's subject was unique.

ALL IS NOT FORGOTTEN was a tense, stay-with-you psychological thriller and will make you wonder if folks are really who they appear to be.

This book was given to me free of charge and without compensation in return for an honest review.
The Lost Ticket
by Freya Sampson
Elizabeth @Silver's Reviews - LOVED IT - A sweet, uplifting read (8/31/2022)
How sweet is this...Frank met a girl on Bus 88 60 years ago, and he is still looking for her.

They met and chatted, and Frank promised to call her, but he lost the ticket she wrote her phone number on.

He never forgot her and rides Bus 88 every day in hopes of finding his long, lost, red-haired love.

We then meet Libby who is coming to live with her sister.

Libby meets 80ish Frank, and he tells her his story. Libby is determined to help Frank find his lost love.

Libby also meets Dylan who is the grumpiest person she ever met, but he turns out to be Frank's caregiver.

How does that turn out?

Dylan and Libby become friends and embark on a journey to see if they can find Frank's lost love. Does this help them find love?

Dylan was a tough one, but you will fall in love with him and all the characters. Most are very sweet and endearing.

THE LOST TICKET is a very heartwarming and at times heart wrenching book that will have you in tears, but not sad tears.

You won't want to stop reading because you want to find out if they find Frank's lost love and if anything happens with Libby and tough Dylan.

LOVED this book.

If you need a sweet, uplifting read, this is it. 5/5

This book was given to me by the publisher for an honest review.
The Ways We Hide: A Novel
by Kristina McMorris
Elizabeth@Silver'sReviews - excellent writing and marvelous research, but dragged for me (8/3/2022)
We meet Fenna Vos as a child in Copper Country living with her father after her mother died in childbirth.

Her father worked in the copper mines, and they were on strike so life was hard.

Fenna meets Arie during a Christmas Party that turned deadly...a true event.

A little later, we follow Fenna as she escapes from an orphanage and goes back home to live with Arie and his family.

Fenna and Arie are in love, but Fenna can't marry because she said she would never be a good mother since the screams from the Christmas event of screaming children still rings in her ears.

She then leaves Arie...she is heartbroken and she knows he will be too

Fenna learns tricks and is in a Vaudville show when she is approached by an intelligence officer who wants her to help them defy the Germans.

We follow her through the war as she helps invent gadgets for soldiers that look like one thing but could be a razor or a compass or anything to help soldiers escape.

The turned down edge of the cover gives a clue about one of the clever gadgets created.

Fenna was a very determined, brave girl and woman.

Despite the historical aspect and the interesting facts about the inventions and the as-always marvelous writing style and extensive research of Ms. McMorris, THE WAYS WE HIDE was not that attention-grabbing for me.

It moved along slowly and took a while for me to be fully engaged in the story line, but the last quarter of the book pulled me in.

Those readers who enjoy historical fiction and want to learn something new will definitely enjoy this book that I think could have been a bit shorter.

Her author notes give wonderful facts you won’t want to miss reading.

Of special interest is the meaning of Fenna's last name. 4/5

This book was given to me by the publisher and BookBrowse for an honest review.
The War Librarian
by Addison Armstrong
Elizabeth@Silver'sReviews - excellent writing, but dragged for me (7/31/2022)
We meet two strong women who are determined to make their way in a man's world.

We meet Emmaline Balakin in 1918 who after working in the dead letter office for five years volunteers to be the librarian in France during the war. Delivering books to the injured soldiers helps their morale and to pass the time.

Being one of very few women, Emmaline has her struggles, and seeing the wounded soldiers is upsetting for her.

We meet Kathleen Carre in 1976. She had been working in a dental office, had been raised by her beloved grandmother, and wanted to be in the class of first women accepted into the Naval Academy.

The men really didn't want women in the Academy and bullied and harassed them. One particular midshipman had it in for Kathleen and tried to humiliate her and trip her up as often as he could.

This midshipman also had her accused of treason.

We follow both women as they make it through their days. There is a connection and secret between the two time lines that will have readers dropping their jaws.

Despite the excellent writing and revelation of the secret in the ending, THE WAR LIBRARIAN dragged for me.

This book was given to me by the publisher via NetGalley for an honest review.
The Personal Librarian
by Marie Benedict, Victoria Christopher Murray
Elizabeth@Silver'sReviews - Great History Lesson (7/31/2022)
What an excellent history lesson.

I didn't know of Belle da Costa Greene.
What an incredible woman in so many ways.

Belle da Costa Greene has to hide her identity of being a black woman as she works as the personal librarian of J.P. Morgan in a high profile job. Her mother had listed the family's race as white for the census bureau against her husband’s wishes.

Belle’s life wasn't an easy one, but her skills at buying and selling art and archiving and cataloging books earned her respect in this field.

THE PERSONAL LIBRARIAN is another extremely well-researched, interesting, brought-to-life book of an unknown-to-me woman.

Historical fiction fans and those who are fans of art will devour this book. 5/5

This book was given to me by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
Counterfeit: A Novel
by Kirstin Chen
Elizabeth@Silver'sReviews - Surprise ending, but just an ok read for me (6/10/2022)
Is it real or a fake?

With Winnie you couldn't tell, but beware it IS a fake.

Winnie and Ava had met in college and hadn't seen each other for twenty years. Why did Winnie contact Ava after all of these years?

Ava found out what Winnie wanted, and she couldn't resist. She could use this extra money to help her son with his delayed speech and tantrums.

What Winnie reconnected with Ava for was to help her run a high-end purse scam.

We meet Ava as she is telling the story to a detective since they were caught. Well...Ava was caught...Winnie took off.

COUNTERFEIT made me a bit nervous, and I felt nervous for Ava since she was a lawyer.

If you are in the mood for something different and also in the mood for a book that will make you wonder if the purse you have is real or fake, you will enjoy this book.

The ending has a big surprise, but it was just an ok read for me. 3/5

This book was given to me by the publisher via NetGalley for an honest review.
The Favor: A Novel
by Nora Murphy
Elizabeth@Silver'sReviews - FANTASTIC DEBUT (6/2/2022)
I have seen that woman before, but where?

That is the question McKenna asked herself when she saw Leah shoot her husband.

Why would she do that? She did say she is the same as me, but what did that mean?

What it meant is that she was an abused wife too and was happy one of them was safe now, but how did Leah know McKenna was abused?

Leah just knew by the few times she passed her home and from what she saw. That still didn’t explain why she would shoot a stranger.

McKenna was actually relieved and was most likely the prime suspect…the spouse always is.

Then something happens that brings these two women who didn’t know each other together again. What could that be?

Ms. Murphy did an amazing job of keeping you guessing and writing a fantastic thriller.

I couldn’t put the book down.

THE FAVOR vividly pictures domestic abuse that these two women are going through and the difficulties of staying in the marriage and the difficulties of leaving no matter what your social status was.

It also addresses to what extremes an abused wife would go to escape, but still keep what really goes on a secret.

Fantastic debut…this is a book thriller fans won’t want to miss. 5/5

This book was given to me by the publisher via NetGalley for an honest review.
Shadows of Berlin: A Novel
by David R. Gillham
Elizabeth@Silver'sReviews - Another Gem by Mr. Gillham (4/20/2022)
The trauma, horror, and survivor guilt never leave you...Rachel knows it all very well.

Rachel is now in America and married to Aaron, but her time during the war haunts her, and she can't be happy.

We follow Rachel as she can’t help re-living the horror and tries to be a good American wife.

She resents that Aaron has family and she has lost everyone but Uncle Fritz. She had lived with Uncle Fritz when they came to America until she married Aaron. Uncle Fritz can be an "operator." He was during the war and still appears to be.

Rachel goes through her days with the smallest thing reminding her of the war and her crime and speaks to and sees her critical mother.

One day Uncle Fritz who always needs money summoned her to meet him because he found a painting in a pawn shop her mother had painted and one that had survived the war. The only problem is that they couldn't afford the fifty dollars to buy it. When they went back to try to get it at a cheaper price, the painting had been sold.

That photo brought back bad memories, but she wants it.

Rachel doesn't trust her Uncle and thinks he found fifty dollars and took the painting and sold it for more money.

We go back and forth from wartime to present day as Mr. Gillham masterfully blends both timelines and as you are feeling what Rachel is feeling during the horror of wartime and her suffering in present day as she tries to forget and to adapt to her life in America.

SHADOWS OF BERLIN is another gem by Mr. Gillham that will tear at your heartstrings but also have you hoping that Rachel can overcome her nightmares and be happy. 5/5

This book was given to me by the publisher for an honest review.
The Lies I Tell: A Novel
by Julie Clark
LOVED IT - Elizabeth @Silver'sReviews (3/22/2022)
Meg definitely knew how to lie and to con people.

She knew how to con because of her rough childhood and having to live in a car after her mother's boyfriend conned them out of their house.

She made it her goal to ruin him.

In the meantime, Meg would research someone in the news that had troubles, but she also made sure they had a nice place to live and money that she could make disappear into her own account.

She always made sure her past was covered up and no one could really find out who she was.

But Kat did find her and did know her and made it her goal to ruin Meg's life the way Meg ruined Kat's life ten years ago. She wants to expose Meg by writing a book about her cons.

Can Kat do it? Or does Meg have a plan of her own for Kat? Meg is pretty cunning.

We follow Kat as she makes friends with Meg, as Meg investigates Kat because she doesn't believe the story Kat tells her, as Meg keeps conning, and as they both try to seek revenge on who they want to ruin.

Will they both do what they sought to do?

My money was on Meg. She really was a major con artist with cons that were ones difficult to believe people would fall for.

Kat seemed too naive to trip up Meg.

THE LIES I TELL is a psychological thriller that will keep you guessing, have you shaking your head, and one that you won't want to put down. 5/5

This book was given to me for an honest review.
The Last Chance Library
by Freya Sampson
Elizabeth@Silver'sReviews - Lovely, Feel-Good Read (3/22/2022)
The beloved library can't be shut down.

What will the people of Chalcot Library do without this meeting place and the books?

June worked as a library assistant and was a very shy, sheltered person.

Learning that the city was going to shut down the library was devastating to her. June knew nothing else.

Her library wasn't just about books, it was also about the people in the town having some place to go to socialize.

When some of the older patrons decided to fight about keeping the library, June joined in too.

THE LAST CHANCE LIBRARY is a sweet, feel-good read and has great characters.

Some are funny, some are feisty, and some are just loyal library patrons.

Fighting to keep libraries open is a great theme, and one that is echoing all around.

If you need a read that will make you smile, add this book to your reading queue.

It is a tribute to libraries, the comfort they provide for its patrons, and for everyone who uses the library for books and friendship.

I KNEW I was going to like this book, but I LOVED it!! 5/5

This book was given to me by the publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.
The Book of Cold Cases
by Simone St. James
Elizabeth@Silver'sReviews - Thriller Fans will enjoy this book (3/16/2022)
Can it really be Beth Greer the Lady Killer?

Is she really granting me an interview after all this time when she wouldn't grant one to anyone else?

Shea Collins....receptionist by day and crime blogger of cold cases by night is thrilled that Beth is going to let her interview her.

She finds Beth to be very odd, and the mansion she lives in even more odd. It seems to have ghosts…things move around, noises appear out of nowhere, voices talk to you, and her parents’ things are still sitting where they left them.

This was going to be a welcome but tough case. Luckily a few other characters helped Shea with the case…Michael…a detective, and Winston Purrchill…a cat that was left on her doorstep.

The research and the book move us back to 1960 when Beth was a child, then to 1977 when Beth was accused of the murder, and then to present day when Beth and Shea become friends and learn about each other and about the case.

Should Shea be careful around Beth, though, since she still wasn’t sure Beth was the killer and wrongly accused but never know.

THE BOOK OF COLD CASES moved slowly along, but the tension and underlying suspense ramped up when we met Lily. And just who is Lily?

Fans of Simone St. James won't want to miss her chilling, ghostly, can't-put-down newest.

Ohhhh so good. 5/5

This book was given to me by the publisher via NetGalley for an honest review.

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