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The One-in-a-Million Boy

A richly layered novel of hearts broken seemingly beyond repair and then bound ...
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The One-In-A-Million Boy

Created: 05/07/17

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The One-In-A-Million Boy

I at first thought this would be a sad book, but it was not that at all. I thoroughly loved this book. The relationship between the 104-year-old Ona and the young boy was great. He was a friend to her and after he was no longer in her life, she gained more friends because she had known him. His father thought only to complete his son's work but got deeper involved as did the scoutmaster, his wife, and neighbors, etc. The taped interviews were interesting. No questions were shown in the book but only the answers to the questions that the boy had written for her to answer. It's too bad that the tape he had in his possession at the end was destroyed. I didn't realize that the boy was nameless until I started to write my thoughts on the book. Great book, great author.

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RE: The One-In-A-Million Boy

Just a note to let you know that my book club loved the book. It's no wonder that their response was a positive one. What's not to like about a book that offers so many avenues for an animated, thought provoking discussion?


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