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Choosing books

Created: 10/16/10

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Choosing books

How does your book club choose its books? Please share your ideas in this forum.

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RE: Choosing books

We chose books on a rotating basis, with one member responsible for proposing three or four books for next month (which the group would then decide which one to select) and that member would be responsible for preparing the opening comments/overall look at the book. Then a different member would be responsible for the following month, and so forth, until every member had a chance to propose several books, have one selected, and prepare a brief presentation. This also made sure that everyone in the group had a chance to speak as well!

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RE: Choosing books

In our group, we take turns hosting the discussion -- there are about a dozen of us, so it works out to each of hosting about once a year -- and the hostess chooses the book. Titles are announced a month or two ahead of time so everyone has the opportunity to locate a copy of the book and read it. Not every book is everyone's "cup of tea," but we all try to finish the book in time for the group meeting.

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RE: Choosing books

We try to choose for a year ahead, we all go to our favourite book site such as Book Browse, choose a few books each, talk about each one then we all choose 12 books from the group, we are in the process at present, great fun looking up so many, then trying to choose.

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RE: Choosing books

We also choose a year at a time./ Each member brings 5 suggestion to the club, we eliminate anything anyone else has read and break the rest into genres. We than pick a book for each genre. We get an interesting variety of books and everyone has a chance to read something dofferent.

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RE: Choosing books

Our group chooses every six months. Each member brings suggestions, telling the group very briefly why they selected each book. From that list we vote on the top six titles we would like to read. The books with the most votes makes up our list. We read only what is available in paperback and read titles from several genres. We read one nonfiction book each six months.

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RE: Choosing books

We have a running list of all of the members and each month we go down the list and that person chooses the book and the next person on the list chooses for the next month and so on. If that person is not there or is no longer coming, we skip them and move on down the list. If someone new comes into the group, they are added to the end of the list and told that eventually it will be their turn to choose the book for the next month. This has worked out real well for us as everyone knows that they will get a chance to pick whatever they want so they don't complain too much about reading what the others have chosen. We read a variety of books this way also.


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