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Waiting for the Night Song

A startling and timely debut about friendships forged in childhood and ruptured ...
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Forest fires

Created: 01/12/21

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Forest fires

Cadie and Piper have 2 different views of forest fires. Cadie believes forests must be cleared of underbrush and dead trees to prevent the destruction of acres of trees. Piper believes we let nature take its course and new trees will return. Explain which perspective you think is the best.

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RE: Forest fires

Without knowing more about the science behind their respective viewpoints, it's hard from me to say! From reading this novel alone I'm inclined to agree with Cadie, but I also wonder if that's because I was reading from her perspective and therefore naturally more sympathetic to her stance.

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RE: Forest fires

I get the concept of a cleansing burn, I live in the Midwest where controlled burns are part of agriculture and conservation, but I also know that drought and suburban encroachment are fuel for destruction in regard to wildfires. So while I can see the appeal of a survival of the fittest outlook like Piper's, I think it is unrealistic and naive to assume that a let Nature take its course approach isn't devastating physically and economically. I think Cadie's point of view is a more proactive one.


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