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Books as a bridge

Created: 10/13/12

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Books as a bridge

From the chapter "Crossing to Safety": "The novel gave us a way to discuss some of the things she was facing and some of the things I was facing."

Have you ever had a similar experience? What was the title of your shared book?

Personally, the people around me in my life are not readers. I'm sure I must have had such a discussion at some time. I'm too old not to have had. I wish it were otherwise, but I cannot remember ever having such a discussion!

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RE: Books as a bridge

I was surprised and pleased to see the number of books mentioned here that I had read and loved. I very much looked forward to reading the impressions that these books that I know and love made on the mother and son.

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RE: Books as a bridge

I've had many many experiences sharing books with others.

One of my book club's best discussions was about a book called "Wasted" by Myra Hornbacher (spelling?). The book was about anorexia/bulimia and every member somehow related to body and weight issues.

I wish I could remember other specific books, but part of me thinks the specific books matter less than the fact that reading the same texts--whatever they are--gives people a way to open up and enter discussions that otherwise might be off-limits.

My husband is not a reader and we often use movies as a means to share and discuss. It's allowed us to share some of the aspects of reading I love even though he doesn't read. A good Shakespeare movie, for example, lets me talk about the play and he can contribute thoughts from the movie.

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RE: Books as a bridge

Friendships and conversations can easily be started with, "Have you read - - - -". Books can also give understanding of problems and examples for solutions in problem discussion. I have formed friendships over books and had grand times in book discussions with others. Books are a bridge to many experiences a person may never have but can read about. In this book books were a bridge to meaning to life, happy times, conversations of interest rather than dwelling on the future.


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