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When Two Feathers Fell from the Sky

A deliciously strange and daringly original novel from Pulitzer Prize finalist ...
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Native American History/Education

Created: 11/21/21

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Jessica F

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Native American History/Education

Reading this so close to Thanksgiving has really put things into perspective for me. As Verble says in the Author's Note, "My mother, a fourth-grade teacher with a Cherokee family still very much alive in Oklahoma, had to teach that racist, faux history year after year..." (363)
As a former teacher, I resonate with this! Do you feel your educational experiences were honest and accurate?
Have you read other novels/historical fiction that depict Native Americans in an accurate light?

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RE: Native American History/...

Jessica, that is such a great question and a difficult one. My educational experiences go back sooo many years that I would have to say, yes I was taught about that First Thanksgiving and the sharing of that meal. But, I have to say, I believe it was also what my teachers were taught and believed at he time. It doesn't make it right or excuse it. Recently, I have been reading about the Carlisle Indian School in PA which depicts how the US Government tried to erase Native Culture in the 1800's.
I do love reading Native American Poetry and will read anything by Joy Harjo. She has put together anthologies written by members of various Native Amer. nations. Beautiful reading.
I have been retired from teaching for many years, but you have made me think. I am going to request a copy of the NYS History Curriculum to see what the requirements are and what is on their reading list.

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RE: Native American History/...

One of the good things about this book is it reminds us of how Native Americans were treated by Europeans who travelled here and how atrocities were either forgotten or covered up and then falsely glamorized. Still happening today. Embarassing and troubling.


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