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All about Louise...

Created: 04/16/17

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All about Louise...

After Ona tells the boy about seeing a thousand hummingbirds on a roadside, she adds: "This is the sort of thing Louise invited into my life." Was Louise a friend or an opportunist? Did she earn Ona's devotion? What do you think was the nature of Ona's love for Louise? Do you think Louise’s anger toward Ona was justified? Did you think their reconciliation was realistic?

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RE: All about Louise...

Louise was not a traditional type of friend, somewhat of a free spirit, and a part-time opportunist. Ona seemed to be mesmerized by the gumption Louise had and probably wished she was more like her. As far as Louise earning Ona's devotion, she probably did not. Louise's anger after Ona's lack of support (or betrayal as Louise saw it) was not justified, but certainly understandable. The reconciliation of Ona and Louise was a little far fetched, but real enough. In my life, I have seen the relationship women have toward their fellow women. When someone needs help, they are there to offer support and know that usually they will receive the same if it were them.

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RE: All about Louise...

I think it is realistic for two single, probably lonely older women to reconcile after 20 years. Especially since there was only one 'event' that ended the friendship at the time. Ona wasn't particularly mad at Louise, but mad at her self, and Louise, it seems, actually did the deed and was asking Ona to cover for her.

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RE: All about Louise...

I felt that Louise was unfair to put Ona on the spot as she did, demanding her loyalty. She should have realized that Ona wasn't a person to speak up, especially since it could have cost her her own job. The reunion was a bid far-fetched, but served the plot well.

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RE: All about Louise...

I liked the relationship with Louise, it shows that Ona valued friendship and would bend to keep a friend. I especially like the fact that they connected, twenty years later the original fight was not important, their friendship was and it enriched both of them at the end of their lives.

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RE: All about Louise...

I think Ona admired Louise at the beginning. She was the only woman teaching literature at the boys school and she was not at all conventional in her dress and choice of literature. Louise was outspoken and pushed the envelope. Louise felt betrayed that Ona did not speak up for her character, but Ona had reservations and needed to keep her job. I think Ona regretted how she handled things and wished she was more outspoken. I think over time, Louise mellowed out and was more like Ona. Time may have given her a different perspective of the events and it would be possible to resume a friendship after so much time had passed. It was nice that they were able to enjoy a true friendship in the end. Ona truly cared for Louise especially when Louse was so ill. It was nice that they were able to take trips together and enjoy each others company in their older years.

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RE: All about Louise...

I loved the fact that we the reader didn't find out much about Louise until later in the book. Louise enriched Ona's life at the school; and then again 20 years later. That was a gift to Ona, so she was devoted to Louise. Louise was Louise, good or bad, depends on how the reader sees it. I think their meeting 20 years later was delightful and made a great story of two older women. Yes, it was believable and maybe a little fantasy too.

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RE: All about Louise...

I belived that meeting over tweny years was precious. It also reminds me of best friends that I lost. It was duemostky to my mental health, chronic illness, and intervert. Life can be worst. There was no big fight like these ladieshad.I believed that Loiuse and Ona help each other. We have to remember the history during that alteraction.

I found it beautiful when Ona became her caregiver, for she finally let loose what of she learn from Loiuse. I am not saying that Loiuse being sick was beaituful. Just the bonds between these ladies developed more.

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RE: All about Louise...

I think it was the perfect ending to their relationship. We all have trials and tribulations with our friends but when all is said and done we come together in the end.

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RE: All about Louise...

I agree that Louise shouldn't have expected Ona to cover for her, especially since she "did the deed." Though we don't find that out until much later. And maybe their meeting again years later was a bit unrealistic, but then that's why we read fiction! Because it's not real and anything can happen.

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RE: All about Louise...

Yes, the reconciliation was realistic; it was all about forgiveness.


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