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The Lion Seeker

"Here is the South African novel I've been waiting for." - Lynn Freed
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Created: 09/02/14

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Q&As with the Author

We have two interviews with Kenneth Bonert on BookBrowse - the link below will take you to both:

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RE: Q&As with the Author

Whiteness in South Africa is complicated, to say the least. When thinking and writing about Jewish folks in SA, what did you want your readers to know? Do you think that whiteness and how it works has changed from the time of the novel to the times when you lived in SA?

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RE: Q&As with the Author

No question, just praise. I was stunned and moved by your novel. Stunned enough to have to put it down for a few days and give myself a break from the raw misery at times. Very powerful. I'll be reading it again, though not right away. And definitely looking forward to your future work.


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