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Guest blog by Hillary Jordan, author of Mudbound.
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Before I was a novelist, I was clever for a living. I was an advertising copywriter for twenty some-odd years, first for various agencies and then, eventually, freelance. I'm in recovery now, although I confess I still take on the occasional assignment when I need a quick infusion of cash. In my long career, I conceived, wrote and produced TV and radio commercials, print ads, billboards, web banners, table tents, door hangers, and sundry for everything from Acura to Zoloft: cars, batteries, chicken parts, dog food, sneakers, shampoo, Champagne, paper towels ("It's quilted once, then quilted again!"), perfume, tortellini, vacuum cleaners, blue jeans, tacos, antacids (one of my favorite spots for this product was a horror spoof called "Children of the Corn Dog"), men's leisure wear, chocolates, home theater systems, hair gel, beer, banks, sanitary napkins (the dreaded briefing for that one took place on what I called "Tuesday Bloody Tuesday"), Texas Tourism, an English cider, a Korean cosmetics line, a Russian oil company, and various prescription drugs ("Side effects may include dry mouth, insomnia, sleepiness, nausea and diarrhea"). And this is just the tip of a massive adberg.


Hi Hillary, I loved 'Mudbound' - thanks so much for sharing your story about it.
# Posted By Leslie | 4/28/09 11:48 AM
Mudbound is our book club's selection for May. 14 women.
# Posted By Suzanne Watt | 5/12/09 10:07 PM
Thanks for the book Hillary, my 8th grade class is reading it as our first book. I loved the book!
# Posted By Cameron | 8/20/09 5:10 PM
You have much more to say in your 30s than in your 20s, and I believe trained ad writers and journalists make the best novelists. They self-edit all the extraneous stuff.
# Posted By R D McDonald | 4/4/10 9:07 AM
Just finished Mudbound, it trapped me for 12 solid hours, gave me an inspirational break from doing my 4th rewrite of my novel. I'm thrilled to know that a former journalist scored with such a powerful debut novel. Hope to do the same! Thanks for your work.
# Posted By C.H. Kuespert | 7/26/10 1:56 PM
Mudbound is our book club's selection for February 2010
# Posted By Maria | 1/27/11 10:22 AM
I liked your book on so many levels: the story, voices and complexity of characters, WWII information to name a few. It will be a good book group discussion...thank you for writing !
# Posted By Shirley | 9/13/12 1:56 PM
Hiliary, Mudbound is our bnook of choice for this month's book club of 12 women.
We meet each month and when someone recommended your book, we all agreed to read it. I especially loved the book, the way you wrote it and enjoyed thoroughly the story. I have also read Kingsolver's book The Poisonwood Bible and when I saw her comment on your book, it drew me in. Opening the book, I realized the same type chapter writting was there and I happened to love the way you used your characters.
Thank You - can't wait til next week Tuesday when we meet to share our thoughts about the book.
# Posted By Patricia Masucci | 2/7/13 7:59 AM
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