There was a time when I used to enjoy having two or three books on the go at a time; but increasingly I'm becoming a one-book-at-time reader. Worse still, from the point of view of my credibility as the editor of an online book magazine, I prefer to wallow in the books I read, rather than speed reading them just for the sake of being able to say that I've read them. For me, books are not trophies to add to my 'have read' list but experiences to absorb. I can read very fast when I have to but it's not an enjoyable experience because, although I come away knowing the plot and able to hold my own in conversation, I have not 'heard' the book in my mind, so I've missed out on the cadence of the author's writing, and the rhythms of the characters and places portrayed.


Thank you for saying this! I have never been comfortable trying to read more than one book at a time, because I get the characters mixed up!

I also have a difficult time making myself finish reading a book I don't care for, because there are so many out there that I really would enjoy. Most of the time I just don't do it. I'm hoping I can get some good ideas for our reading group, so we have fewer books that turn me off. (Of course, the others may not agree with me about that.<G>) We've been choosing some books from lists of recommended ones, but they don't always give enough information about the book. That sometimes leaves us reading books with the same type of subject, one after another, and that gets old...especially if they are depressing.

I've enjoyed BookBrowse and hope it will help me to find lots more GOOD books. I certainly liked reading the free one I just reviewed!

Thank you.
# Posted By Diane D. | 4/23/09 12:36 PM
Hi Diane,
Thanks for your comments. Have you tried browsing our categories? They can be a great way to break out of the boring old themes that sometimes people get stuck in. If you're a member you can browse by time period, geographical setting and a wide range of themes. Some of these are available to non-members.

Or try our BookFinder tool that allows you to cross-reference two categories: Members get full access to the results, non-members are usually restricted to 2-3. It's a fun way to breakout of the boring! Best wishes, Davina
# Posted By Davina - BookBrowse Editor | 4/23/09 12:50 PM
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