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A Personal and Scientific Journey

by Florence Williams

Heartbreak by Florence Williams X
Heartbreak by Florence Williams
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  • Michele B. (Wallingford, CT)
    Fascinating and Comprehensive
    Over the last several years I have been intrigued with heartbreak, loss, grieving and the varied ways people navigate and heal through these journeys. There are several reasons for my interest in these subjects. I am a nurse with a 40 yr. career focusing in the ER and Hospice; a caregiver of family members young and old through illness and death and like many, have and will continue to experience heartbreak.

    Heartbreak by Florence Williams allowed us to look at Heartbreak from many different angles. As suggested in the subtitle personal and scientifically; and through the experience of others and through many interesting studies.

    I found myself taking notes about things that really helped me to better understand reactions and feelings, of my own experiences, as well as others that I have witnessed.

    As I read, I also found myself stopping and sharing things with others in the room that I really found interesting. I took notes of places that I wanted to visit (The Butterfly Garden) and or learn more about; (Cyberball) as well as other book references (both of Williams and other authors and experts).

    For me this book was a page turner as it continued to pique my interest, at times not wanting to put it down; other times needing to put it down to soak in the heavy information. I found I was able to apply what I was learning to romantic heartbreak; traumatic loss; family dysfunction in its many forms and illness suffered from these loses (physical, phycological, spiritual).

    By the end of the book, I felt I had insight into a few new tools that I could use and share on my life journey as the "hits" find their way and "keep on coming".

    Full transparency there was one part especially that went too in depth; shared too much and was over all uncomfortable (in the OG Sin chapter)- I would have been able to glean the info needed without reading the very personal encounter in this chapter.

    I participate in two book clubs and am anxious to share this book, until then I will be sharing other published works from Florence Williams. Thank you for this opportunity, it was truly "fascinating and comprehensive".
  • Sylvia T. (Rancho Mirage, CA)
    Personal Heartbreak
    I found Florence Williams' exploration into the realm of heartache to be enthralling. She turned her personal heartbreak into a research project that helped her endure the loss. This book balances personal memoir, scientific research, nature, and humor. It's overlaps with several books I've read recently being a Marriage Family Therapist. It's a great book and one that I would recommend for anyone that is looking to understand how love and loss impacts so much of how our bodies work.
  • Jessamyn R. (Odenton, MD)
    Perfect mix of personal and universal
    "My biggest problem at the moment was the portable toilet."
    With a first line like that, how could you not be hooked? This book balances personal memoir, scientific research, nature, and wry humor. It's overlaps with several books I've read recently, like Together, but beat them all for me. Recommend to anyone who has ever loved, lost, or been a human.
  • Chris H. (Wauwatosa, WI)
    In this book, Florence Williams gives the reader her personal story of heartbreak and the science behind what one might feel when heartbroken. I found the science in this book very interesting and the author made it very readable. Ms. Williams holds nothing back in sharing her personal story. She takes us on her journey of how and where it took her to understand the physical as well as the emotional feelings of heartbreak. Something many people can relate to!
  • Becky S. (Springfield, MO)
    So interesting!
    This book was so interesting to me..and so relevant! All of us have experienced grief and /or heartbreak at one time or another in our lives, this author took hers and really delved into it and the physical attributes that it has on our bodies. I have always wondered what causes the actual pain in our heart, when we are sad or heartbroken, this book explores that and the other physical things that happens in our bodies with love and loss. I loved this book and the uniqueness of it all!
  • Barbara C. (Riverside, CA)
    Heartbreak takes many forms.
    This is one of my favorite BookBrowse offerings. So glad I received it. The parts on rejection hit me. I feel so sorry for the author. Her way out of the pain would not be mine. But we all suffer in different ways. The science woven together with the anecdotes and stories made it very understandable. Many of the statistics were very much applicable to my own story. I imagine almost everyone could use this book to some degree, if they were honest. I am going to share it with my niece who is a therapist and suffered a similar marital breakup. I may wait until it is published and buy her her own copy. I need to reread and remember more.
  • Charla W. (Biloxi, MS)
    A Personal Journey toward Healing and Understanding
    I found Florence Williams' exploration into the realm of heartache to be enthralling. She turned her personal heartbreak into a research project that helped her endure the loss. In an effort to understand the pain associated with heartbreak she left no stone unturned. I truly appreciate her baring her soul while traveling this path.

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