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After the Fall

by Kylie Ladd

After the Fall by Kylie Ladd X
After the Fall by Kylie Ladd
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  • Darcy C. (San Diego, CA)
    Is Life Fair? Do We Get What We Really Want?
    This story, told in the first-person viewpoint of the 4 main characters: Kate, married to Cary; Cressida married to Luke. Kate and Luke begin an affair with disastrous consequences (not a spoiler). It's the ending that is haunting. For days after finishing the book, I thought about life's “chances”. It's these “chances” (or are they choices?) that are so poignantly described in the conclusion. Did they all end up happy? Or did life's “chances” give them merely a glimpse of what they thought they wanted? It's a worthwhile read. Quite entertaining.
  • Erica M. (Chicago, IL)
    After the Fall
    After the Fall is a story of marriage and infidelity told in the separate voices of the participants and their closest friends. It is billed as “page turner” and I would agree that it is, as each character only has one to six pages to tell their perspective, before we move to another point of view.

    Although I have not lived this story, I felt great empathy, having been on the fringe of the same emotions as some of these characters. The impulses and the responses, all rang true from beginning to end. Although there were few surprises, the behavior of each character being predictable, it did not make the book any less enjoyable.
  • Judy K. (Conroe, TX)
    Great selection for a Book Club
    At first, I thought I wouldn't like this book. The point of view keeps changing from one chapter to the next and it was disconcerting, irritating. I just wanted the author to tell the story, but I ended up enjoying it. I got to know each of the characters and the entire story, from each character's perspective, could only be told in this manner. The story was true to life, the emotions real, the characters presented, flaws and all. The ending will be fodder for book club discussions for hours. Everybody has an opinion on infidelity. Women who have experienced it from either side of the equation will recognize themselves in this book. Good read. Well done.
  • Linda J. (Manchester, MO)
    After the Fall
    This is a story of infidelity that occurs between two couples, formerly good friends. Ladd uses the points of view from each of the four characters which moves the story along and allows readers to connect with the characters. The story evolves from the first meeting of each character to each other, how they met as couples, and follows them through the affair.

    Each chapter belongs to a spouse, although Ladd does toss in a couple of friends for another POV, which gives more depth both to the main characters and the story.
    More than the betrayal of a spouse, “After the Fall” tells of a friendship torn apart, and how far the remnants scatter.
    However, I could not get past the feeling that these were some of the most narcissistic, shallow people I'd ever known, and I really didn't care what happened to them. If this was Ladd's intent, she succeeded.
    “A month after Kate had broken my heart, it still felt unmended.” This is spoken by Kate’s husband, Cary. Anyone who has been in love knows that one month is a drop in the bucket.
    After the Fall qualifies as a great summer read and a good first effort by Ladd.
  • Janice M. (Holland, MI)
    Sometimes the grass only looks greener . . . . .
    When I started to read this book, I wasn't sure I would want to finish it - the story is about 2 couples and what happens when an affair begins and ends between two of the spouses. I loved how each chapter was told in the voice of one of the spouses or their mutual friend, Tim. It was a little tedious at first, but once you become acclimated to the writing style it flows nicely. The first half of the book was a little slow - getting to know each of the characters, but by the second half, I had a hard time putting the book down. All said, I think this is a great beach/vacation read.
  • Catherine T. (Aurora, CO)
    After the Fall
    Cary and Kate - Luke and Cressida. Two marriages. Everyone seems to be happy. Then one person from each of those marriages begins an affair, with each other. The story of the affair and the subsequent fall-out is told from the viewpoint of each of the four and also Luke's friend Tim. I found I liked that style and it helps to move things along quickly. The first third of the book was excellent, getting to know the players and their motivations. The middle third dragged somewhat as the affair kicked into high gear. The selfishness and conceit of the two having the affair was mind-boggling. Then the last third, dealing with the feelings and subsequent decisions to be made, was realistic with no pat answers. So overall, a good book that definitely kept my attention.
  • MaryEllen K. (Albany, NY)
    After the Fall
    I have to admit that I was feeling very disappointed throughout the first half of the book - it didn't seem to be living up to my expectations at all. However, once I got past all of the background and arrived at the problem around which the story was based, I must say that I actually became quite riveted! At this point the story really drew me in, and the author really was able to get into the minds and emotions of the 4 characters directly involved in the situation. The whole experience of reading the book completely turned around for me and I found that I wasn't able to put the book down. At the end, I felt that Ladd did a great job getting into the psychological aspects of how adultery affects both the cheating spouses as well as their unsuspecting partners.
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