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Major Pettigrew's Last Stand

An enchanting tale, brilliant in its simple yet profound insight into human...
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Discuss Major Pettigrew's Last Stand by by Helen Simonson:
Is love ageless?

Created: 03/24/11

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Is love ageless?

In the outset of Major Pettigrew's Last Stand, the Major is described as feeling the weight of his age, but on page 320, the morning after his romantic evening with Mrs. Ali at Colonel Preston's Lodge, Simonson writes that "a pleasant glow, deep in his gut, was all that remained of a night that seemed to have burned away the years from his back." Do you think love is ageless? Can transform us at any point in our lives?

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RE: Is love ageless?

Most certainly --- and this is the clear and most profound message that this novel provides. There are so seldom stories written about true love striking "senior citizens", or in this case, two mature widowed individuals that are clearly battling both their own personal grief over their lost spouses as well as their own loneliness. I think the reader will find themselves instantly rooting for Major Pettigrew and Mrs. Ali to get together and make each other happy for the remainder of their days.

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RE: Is love ageless?

I just loved the connection between Major Pettigrew and Mrs. Ali, especially the scene toward the end where Major Pettigrew breaks with "what is expected of him" to follow his heart and collect Mrs. Ali from her husband's family. Both of them seemed to have spent so much of their lives doing what was expected of them, it was nice to see them throw caution to the wind.

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RE: Is love ageless?

Yes, love is ageless. The relationship between Mrs. Ali and Major Pettigrew developed slowly. But then events force the relationship to a new and deeper level.

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RE: Is love ageless?

Most definitely love is ageless, but I do think that certain aspects become more important as time goes on.

I think companionship and the ability to connect on an intellectual level are increasingly key as we age. When we are younger, I think biology and social norms drive our choices far more than when we are older. I think the Major's maturity was what permitted him to really pursue his relationship with Mrs. Ali - - I'm not sure he would have done the same as a young man.

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RE: Is love ageless?

Love is ageless. Love is about companionship, friendship and attraction - none of which is based upon age.

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RE: Is love ageless?

Most definitely. If you are alive you can fall in love.

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RE: Is love ageless?

Most definitely. But as we age I think we look for different things in our relationships. Intelligence, kindness, a sense of humor, respect -- these are so much more important than the physical appearance.

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RE: Is love ageless?

Love is ageless, but different, I believe. As a widow, I could really identify with both characters even though I have not found myself in such a situation. But, I am still such a romantic that such relationships fill me with warm happiness. I think young love is often about looks and sex appeal; older love is about character though I don't discount sex appeal at any age! But, family is a real complication for older love as this book so vividly portrays!

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RE: Is love ageless?

Love is ageless. Think of those older people in Nursing Homes who get married. I use to think "why?"
But who knows; maybe everyone wants companionship.

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RE: Is love ageless?

Love is absolutely ageless, just as all other human emotions are. Perhaps it's the fault of Hollywood or romantic literature that we think love can only happen to the young, which is why I think MPLS is such a wonderful novel. It speaks to the enduring qualities of love and relationships, even when people think they are too old. To RayP's point, there are too few novels that discuss love between older people. Perhaps MPLS will change the trend. I like to think that there are always opportunities for new starts, even in old age.


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