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Discuss Tips on Handling Difficult Book Club Situations:
Please read before posting to this discussion

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Please read before posting to this discussion

This is the place to find answers to book club problems.

Before posting your question please check what questions have already been asked because you may find a similar concern to yours has already been answered.

If you post, please make sure to put a concise summary of your problem in the "Title" field and then go into more detail in the "Message" field. It's very important to put a short but clear description in the Title field as this is what people will skim when looking for questions they maybe able to answer, and to find answers themselves.

Lastly, make sure to subscribe to the thread so if somebody posts an answer you get notified - and if someone does answer you, please take the time and return to say thank you and let us know if the advice helped!

Please keep in mind that these forums are open to the world - which includes other members of your book club. As a general rule we encourage people not to use fake details, and certainly not fake IDs but, in this instance, if your concern relates to members of your group who might be upset if they visited and recognized themselves in your description, feel free to change identifying details as required!


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