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What about food?

Created: 10/16/10

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What about food?

Should food to be an integral part of your meeting, or a low-key or even non-existent element? What about alcohol?

What does your group do about food and drink?
Do you eat before, during or after the book discussion?
Is your group's food simple or elaborate?
Any good recipes to share or ideas for themed?

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RE: What about food?

We each just bring whatever we want or if we don't feel like bringing something or don't have time that month, we don't. We always have something even if it ends up being just chips and dip and pack of cookies. Sometimes we end up with a large variety of things (homemade entrees, desserts, etc.). This way there is no pressure on anyone person to feel they have to bring something and it is always a surprise to see what you do end up having that evening.


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