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The Rules

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The Rules

Thank you for visiting BookBrowse Booktalk!

BookTalk has been developed as a gathering place for anyone and everyone who has an interest in books.

As you use BookTalk, please pay attention to the following guidelines:

1) Everyone here is a guest, and we expect each of you to be polite and respectful to the other guests. Please don’t agree about everything - that would be terribly boring - but do disagree respectfully. If you persist in treating other guests badly, or posting messages that are meant to offend or incite conflict, we reserve the right to terminate your account.

2) Profanity, vulgarity, obscenity, nudity and sexually explicit messages are not permitted on BookTalk. Basically we will define profanity as words that may not be used on TV and will also treat variations of those words in the same manner. Moderators are empowered to remove profanity by deleting the words or entire posts as they see fit. We encourage ALL visitors to report any post in BookTalk that they find offensive through the "report post" button.

3) This forum is not to be used to sell things to visitors, settle personal disputes or attack authors or publishers. This is a community. If you come here to use the community rather than be a part of it, expect to be banned.

4) Copyright violations are prohibited. It maybe appropriate to post small amounts of copyrighted material under "fair use" guidelines, but any questionable material will be removed, and the copyright holder for the content of your posts may hold YOU responsible.

6) We reserve the right to ban any member at any time, and delete all posts by said member, without notice if that member becomes a detriment to BookTalk. We are under no obligation to forewarn you of your impending banning.

7) BookBrowse disclaims all liability for anything you post in this forum. Likewise, you indemnify and hold BookBrowse harmless for any action resulting from the contents of your posts in this forum

8) These guidelines are subject to change at BookBrowse LLC's discretion. Any change to the rules will be posted here.


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