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The Nest

A funny and acutely perceptive debut about four siblings and the fate of their ...
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Memorable quotes

Created: 03/26/17

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Memorable quotes

Are there any particular quotes that stood out to you?

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RE: Memorable quotes

I had to force myself to finish this story because I found it rather depressing. The siblings were self absorbed and felt entilted to "The Nest" to solve their problems. However, I'm so glad I stuck it out because I loved the ending! There were no loose ends and I tear up everytime I think of the last line "Up! she said again, as her family rushed toward her all at once, each of them hoping to get to her first." In my mind, the family has finally come together and put each other before themselves.

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RE: Memorable quotes

Leo in Stephanie's kitchen.."He'd regarded the whole picture warily, like it was an opalescent shell found on the beach that was concealing something unsavory inside--the stink of seaweed, a putrefying mollusk, or,worse, something still alive, its pincers stirred and groping for a tender bit of flesh." pg.226 Description of the feeling is perfect! Poor Leo!

Then when Stephanie comes to a wonderful realization: "She thought about the napkin again and realized she's been telling herself the wrong story all these years. Leo wasn't the red bird, she was----....heading home, expectant but unburdened. Free. Her incentives had finally changed."

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RE: Memorable quotes

I loved the way Tommy described his belief (or lack thereof) in a higher being "...being an atheist required more belief than he had, a kind of determined certainty about mystery that he didn't think was feasible or possible, admirable or even desirable. Who could deny a guiding hand of some kind, a design to the world?" I liked that. And I was happy that Tommy and Matilda and Vinnie all had a happy ending along with the Plumbs (minus Leo).


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