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2011 Wordplay Winners

Created: 05/19/11

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2011 Wordplay Winners

Below you'll see a list of recent winners of our BookBrowse Wordplays. All winners are contacted by email so the list is purely for reference. We'll add new winners to this single post during the year (newest winners at the top) and then start a new list next year. If you've got questions about the Wordplays please do feel free to ask them here.


Try your hand at our current Wordplay:

Find the answers to past Wordplays:

Each Wordplay is based on a well-known proverb - you can browse a list of all the proverbs we've covered, including their source and meaning at

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RE: Jan - May 2011 Wordplay Winners

Wordplay: W, W E, Nor A D To D
Marty Hubbard, Pawcatuck, CT

Wordplay: T It O L I
Julie Stahle, Harrisburg, PA

Wordplay: P Is A V
Ginny Horton, Troutdale, OR,

Wordplay: O Good T D A (or QPQ)
Mical Holcomb, Black Diamond, WA

Wordplay: Not W A B B A W
Anne Marsh, Austin, TX

Wordplay: T Beg T Q
Emma Cazabonne, Elmhurst, IL

Wordplay: The Big Holiday Wordplay $500 in Prizes!
Lucy Bishop, Urbana, OH
Mary Goulding, River Forest, IL
Barbara Raeuber, Mill Valley, CA
Mary Schreiner, Pinson, AL

Wordplay: It's T B's K
Nan Gardner, Mazomanie, NJ

Wordplay: H W Pays T P C T T
Amber Balash, Canton, OH

Wordplay: I T N of T
Suzanne Burnett, Albany, OR

Wordplay: G Two-S
Carla Kerns, Largo, FL

Wordplay: M S, M D
Susan Fisher, Fremont, CA

Wordplay: S A S M B M B, but W W N H M
Pat Williams, Wilkes Barre, PA

Wordplay: W T C's A, The M W P
Teresa Rizen, Evansville, IN

Wordplay: I T T To T
Glenn Gustafson, Dedham, MA

Wordplay: P W You P
Bonnie Brody, Fairbanks, AK

Wordplay: I G We T
Evie Lucarelli, Eau Claire, WI

Wordplay: P Is S S S
John Fry, Humble, TX

Wordplay: T I S Than F
Vivian Quinones, Greer, SC

Wordplay: P O T Back B
Pat Nichols, Wynne, AR

Wordplay: T S I Willing B T F I W
La Deana Roberts, Norman, OK

Wordplay: I A Small W
Ray Palen, Selden, NY

Wordplay: A E F A E, A T For A T
Anita Nowak, East Meadow, NY

Wordplay: H S Home
Kathleen Clark, Beloit, WI

Wordplay: It's T L T L
Joan Naper, East Meadow, NY

Wordplay: A M I A G as A M
Dorian Bunting-Cliffe, Bainbridge, NY

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RE: June - Dec 2011 Wordplay Winners

Wordplay: I T C O T Blind, T O-E M I K
Barbara R, Mill Valley, CA

Wordplay: Y H T Take T R W T S
Lila A, Spokane, WA

Wordplay: W in R, D A T R D
Danielle S, Dallas, TX

Wordplay: T D D U Part
Donald K, New York, NY

Wordplay: T L O T Free A T H O T B
Kandi P, Buffalo Grove, IL

Wordplay: I I B T H Loved A L, T N T H L A A
Karen R, Locust Grove, VA,

Wordplay: M T A Different D
Dan Hunnel, Longwood, Florida,

Wordplay: A M's H Is H C
Shrin Mistry, Beverly Hills, CA

Wordplay: A R B A O N W Smell A S
Daniel H, Oak Lawn, IL

Wordplay: T's T $ Q
Loretta F, Fountain Inn, SC

Wordplay: A S I Time S N
Melissa Koo, Florida

Wordplay: Y C't Make A O W B E
Dorian B-C, Bainbridge, NY


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