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Black River

Four starred reviews for this debut that will turn readers' hearts inside out.
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Possible discussion for book clubs: How are the characters in this book imprisoned in some way in their own lives, beliefs, and backgrounds? In what ways are they tortured?

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RE: incarceration

Wes was stuck in the past of the horror he had gone through. He had every reason to be because of his physical disability that reminded him every day. Scott had the everyday torture of the townspeople because of his father being incarcerated. He felt trapped in the town. Dennis had since he was a child had to live with the fact that his father was a rapist. His Aunt looked at him with disgust. His stepfather felt that blood would tell and he would turn out bad. This finally caught up with him when he was a teenager and he started to act out. A terrible break in the relationship between stepfather and stepson happened. Farmer felt the guilt over the accident that took his wife's life. All of these people were being tortured by something either in the present like Scott or the past like Farmer.


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