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2017 Wordplay Winners

Created: 02/23/17

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2017 Winners

H I A H Does
Dorothy L, Boca Raton, FL

H W S W T Devil S H A L S
Julie M, Urbana, OH

Y C Fool A T P A T T
Elsie B, Vernon, British Columbia, Canada

K Your F C
Jeanne B, Albuquerque, NM

P, H T
John S, Iowa City, IA

O My D B
Philippa P, NY, NY

S F A R Day
Shannon T

Y S M B, I'll S Y
Burma T, Robinson Creek, KY

W's M T Store?
Marjorie S, Damascus, PA

T W Don't M A R
Margie T, Minnetonka, MN

T's A S B Every M

T's S I Numbers
Judy B, Evanston, IL

T H Are B T O
Vickie M, Collinsville, MS

A F Out O W
Tonya H, Evington, VA

I's A D Before T D
Terry H, Dunnsville, VA

Y Can't M A S P O O A S E
Helen R, Charlotte, NC

M Y P and Q
John P, San Jose, CA

H D T Grab Y?
Sandy H, Ely, MN

A Good M I H T F
Jack F, Los Angeles, CA

If A F Y D S, T, T A
Jackie W, La Mesa, CA

E Dog H I D
Norma D, San Francisco, CA

The Big Holiday Wordplay
Dorothee B, Niceville, FL
Judy W, Tucker, GA
Debbie P, Rockvale, TN
Christine P, Gig Harbor, WA
Steven H, Madison, WI


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