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Inheritance, Book I

By Christopher Paolini

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  • Hardcover: Aug 2003,
    528 pages.
    Paperback: Apr 2005,
    500 pages.

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There are currently 296 reader reviews for Eragon
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icefang (07/21/06)

my baby brother could write better
At first, I could not wait to read Eargon. I thought it to be so cool with dragons and fighting. but after the first 3 chapter, i was ready to take a snore. The author's writing style is hardly good at all, the plot line is tottally boring and uninteresting, and the charictors themselfs are a snooze. The whole book was blank, not giving anything worth while, or imgaictiveness to read about. I might have piced up a books about the ABC's then that bore of a book. I highly recomend you to read better fantasy books, unless you have nothing else to do.

Age 14
Jeremy W (07/19/06)

The Hardcover Scavanger Hunt.
This book is a hardcore ripoff. Paloni Stole works from the follow sorcs..

Diablo 2 By Blizzard

Elmisnter in Myth Drannor : By ed green wood.

Star Wars..

what was taken From starwars: Story Flow and Arcs.

Let me Being, When Eragon Left "Carvahal" Tattoine.. His family was slaughtered by the empire.. Thats strangly similar to what happen to luke. When They fled town, Brom The standin for Obi Wan Kanobi, Its not a shock that along the way they found a princess, and they were heading to meet the rebels/ Varden while fleeing the empire. They found the princess In a Miliatary Still city, Fortified like none they had ever seen before( Enter the deathstar).
Saved By the Anti Hero (Murtaugh/Han Solo) The Simlarities continue.

In the Second Book.

Eragon is sent to seek out a Master, One hidden from the Empire (yoda/Ormis). During Eragons Training Which was cut short because he had to Save his friends, which cames from a vision he has. Identical to how luke had to leave Dagoba.

This Stolen from Ed Greenwood, and his Book Elminster in myth Drannor..

The True Names, The Discription of the Even City is almost Word for Word From ED Greenwood's Book.

Stolen from Diablo2:

Ormus in diablo 2 The name of his sword Nagle, Was the name of a Item in diablo2 Called the Nagel ring.

A character By the name Mandal, which was also the Name of another Item In Diablo 2 The Mandal Heal ring.

Altho the references to Diablo2 are small, they are present.
The connection to Ed Greenwood and starwars is shocking.
xolt (07/14/06)

it great
i havent read the book that every one says that he copyed but i think that as long as he didnt word from word or adventures he is ok and eragon is one of the best books i have every read it goes from every emotion and then eldest comes in and evens out everthing and makes it all make since so i have to give this book a 5 exellent cause it made me want to get the next book befor it is out because of everything it says and the action and everything its like you are there!!!!!
Rachel Kozinski (07/11/06)

I think Eragon is a thrilling book. I love how the dragons are described in such detail and treated as humans. They are also very civilized.
The book was so addictive. I just couldn't put it down! Every page added more excitement, mystery and more reveals to that mystery. I think the book was well set up and origional.
You fall in love with the charectors at once! The bond of Eragon and Saphira is enchating. The independece of Arya is inspiring. The death of Garrow and Brom is trajic! At moments your smiling at the charectors as they say something stupid to try and impress Arya and other times your cheering for joy as Eragon kills the Shade!
The only thing I don't like about the book is that it's in a TRILOGY! That means that after the third book the story is over! No more Eragon and Saphira!
Aarioyna (06/19/06)

why hate it?
how can people compare Eragon to LOTR? i have read that entire series, and i'm rereading them to make sure that i didn't miss any details, but i see no connection!! when you think of a fantasy book, you think of heroic adventures in another world, with elves dwarves, ect. if those are the only connections you see between LOTR andEragon, than you're nuts. i admit, i do see some similarities between star wars, but it's different in its own way! i think Eldest andEragon are great novels, and i think Paloni should continue to write.

i, like paloni was when he was 15 am trying to write a book.
i am 16 now, and pretty much am in the typing process of putting my book out. i stared the same way Paloni did; a notebook and just an idea. (except, with him, he wrote it at home on a couch; i wrote mine whenever i had free time at school.) age has nothing to do with your writing talent. i never woulkd have known that paloni was 15 when he began writing, you can't tell by the way he writes.

i hope that Paloni continues to write, and those who have enough time on their hands to go through each nitty-gritty detail of the book should find something else to do. and to all the fellow Eragon fans, i now quote Paloni: MAY YOUR SWORDS STAY SHARP
PJ (06/02/06)

The number1 dragon book
The whole time i read eragon, I found it hard to stop. I LOVED saphira. Now i've started the eldest. I wonder what will happen to Roran? I can't wait to find out.
Guinivere (05/18/06)

I personally loved these books. I have read it to many times to count. I have also read Star Wars, LOTR, Harry Potter and all the others. He admits that these were some of his favourite books and authors. But come on he was fifteen and that is a pretty big complishment. I mean those other authors didn't invent everything. But anyway, all those who are saying that people should not think that it was anygood should respect the thoughts of others. Everyone is after all entitled to their own opinon especially on novels as great as this. And yes his parents did have publishing connections but they had nothing to do with the awards he got and the number of copies he has sold as well as the fact that Eragon is being made into a movie just like Star Wars, LOTR and HP. Anyway, keep on reading. :)
LV (04/16/06)

gut gut!
first of all, i have to say that 'guess who' (the 13 year old kid) is a lot more mature than many of those that rate 1 just because they accuse the book of plagerism (sp?) (maturity is not feeling like a grown-up or acting like one, but also, accepting things like one, in this case society and its new writers' over-used subjects) secondly, i have to admit that the main things of the book have already been used. and finally, i have to state that you can't say eragon is a direct copy from lotr, aragorn has nothing to do with eragon (actually my whole family and i related it with the word 'dragon') and the rest of the similarities between names might happen anytime... because of this, the book's fantastic descriptions, places and feeling it produces i rate 4...
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