BookBrowse's 2015 Award Winners

2015 has been great for books and as we come to the end of the year, we round off our reading with our stamp of approval for a select few books with our annual BookBrowse Awards.

BookBrowse's 2015 Award Winners

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Top 10 Best Fiction Books of 2015

Dear BookBrowsers

With the holiday season kicking into high gear, we continue our rollout of the most noteworthy books of 2015.

Here, we present the top ten novels, as voted by BookBrowse subscribers like yourself. This, together with the two previously announced lists for non-fiction and young adult books, complete our 2015 BookBrowse Favorites.


Top 3 Young Adult Books of 2015

Recently we asked BookBrowse's subscribers to rate their favorite books of the year. Many thousands of votes were cast. Here, in alphabetical order, are our top 3 young adult books for 2015.

Unlike other popular awards where the most publicized books usually pocket the prizes, BookBrowse's process evens the playing field so that quality can shine through. You can read how we do this here.

Last week we announced the Top 5 Nonfiction books. In early December we'll announce our Top 10 Fiction Books; and finally, on December 10, the 2015 Award Winners.


Top 5 Nonfiction Books of 2015

Recently we asked BookBrowse's subscribers to rate their favorite books of the year. Many thousands of votes were cast. Here, in no particular order, are the Top 5 Nonfiction Books for 2015.

Next week we'll announce the top Young Adult books; then the top Fiction Books; and finally, in early December, the 2015 Award Winners.


Books That Didn't Make the Grade

BookBrowse is a guide to exceptional books. As such, we only feature those that our reviewers hand on heart believe to be best in class. Because the books we select go through a rigorous selection process before we even assign them for review, the majority do make the grade - but some, despite good reviews elsewhere, just don't resonate with our reviewers' and get turned down. In these cases we usually post a short review on the book's page on BookBrowse but do not feature it as a lead book.

So, just in case you were thinking that because we only feature positive reviews we've never met a book we don't love, here are some of the 2015 books that our reviewers felt did not make the grade for BookBrowse recommendation. Perhaps you disagree with some of the opinions, perhaps you agree - either way, we encourage you to write your own review by clicking on the reader reviews link from the individual book's page.


Ten Paperbacks for Fall 2015

Does it strike you as odd that while the majority of books sold are paperbacks, most websites and almost all newspapers and magazines devote their coverage to books in hardcover?

It did to me when I started BookBrowse 17 years ago next month, which is why from the beginning we've made sure to give coverage to books in both hardcover and paperback.

Even if you read ebooks it's still good to know when the paperback releases as that usually coincides with a price drop on the electronic version. Book club members should also keep an eye on paperback release dates as by the time the paperback comes out (usually 6-12 months after the hardcover) there are a wealth of buying and borrowing options to suit all members of the club.

In fact, even if you borrow from the library it can come in handy to be reminded of paperback publication dates, as the mad dash to request a limited supply of library copies when a book first releases usually dies down after a few months, so seeing a book is out in paperback can prompt to you put in a request at a time when many fewer are ahead of you in the line to read.


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