Ten of the Best Fall 2015 Mysteries Set in Exotic Locations

At BookBrowse, we love mysteries, and we love traveling to interesting new places between the pages of good books. Put the two together and you get this month's special edition of BookBrowse Highlights: ten recently published or soon to publish mysteries set in far flung locations including China, Kenya, India, France, Bosnia, South Korea, Israel, Italy and Australia. Whether you like your mysteries cozy or hard-boiled, classic or thrilling, we've got you covered!


A Dozen of The Best Books Publishing in Fall 2015

As a true book lover you know: summer is all very well for an occasional guilty pleasure and a whole pile of page-turners to tote to the beach but the real serious lifting -- both literally and metaphorically -- in terms of reading comes with the turn of the leaves in fall.

This season we have many heavy hitters from darlings of the literary fiction world such as Margaret Atwood and Jonathan Franzen, and also remarkable work from newer talent to keep an eye out for. Here are a dozen we have our sights trained on. Feel free to add your recommendations for upcoming fall releases as well.


Go Set a Watchman Resonates With Me

Go Set a WatchmanI pre-ordered Go Set a Watchman by Harper Lee some time ago. It arrived Tuesday evening. I read it yesterday, in one sitting. I've also read many, many reviews and commentaries. Here are my Thursday morning thoughts:

Although GSaW was actually written before To Kill a Mockingbird most reviewers have spoken about it as a sequel since it deals with events that occur decades later. They seem to feel betrayed by the fact that the Atticus Finch they had so revered is shown to be a racist. I'm really puzzled by this reaction. Style and point of view aside I would expect that readers -- people I hold in the highest esteem and who, because they are readers after all -- would be among the first to understand the concepts of cognitive dissonance and character complexity.


Books for Summer Reading

Dear BookBrowsers,

We know you love books as much as we do. You read voraciously all year long. Why then should summer get all the reading love you ask?

Maybe it has something to do with the days that stretch on forever that feel indulgent enough for you to linger just a while longer in the pages of a book. Maybe it's because you can tote along three or maybe five books on your vacation, or even your entire library on an e-reader. Maybe it's because practically nothing else (with the exception of say, a dog) makes a better hammock companion. Maybe summer's the perfect time for a guilty reading pleasure or two.

The reasons for summer reading are plenty. And we've got a healthy set of paperback recommendations (which are, of course, all available as ebooks) to take you through the season. They're perfect to tote along to the beach and engaging enough to keep you there long after the sun has gone down. And for the next few weeks you can read our reviews and beyond the book articles for the full dozen for free. Cheers to sunshine and happy reading!


Best July Books

Traditionally the summer months were slow times for new books, but in today's always-on world seasonal differences are less pronounced and it was a struggle to decide which ten books to feature as particularly notable from our list of July's best books (see best books coming soon). Interestingly, and entirely inadvertently, three of them have aviation as a theme - from the very early days of flight, to the space program of the late '40s through '60s, and into the distant future.


A Dozen Uplifting Books for Book Clubs

We love all types of books but sometimes it's time for a read that doesn't weigh us down too heavily, that lifts our spirits and yet reaches beyond melodramatic cliches. They might not always be "happy" books but the journey is uplifting and worthwhile. Here are a dozen fiction and nonfiction recommendations for exactly this type of book - books that are rewarding to read and discuss, that feel good without feeling mushy. It's a fine line to walk but we believe these do so effectively and will add a heartwarming touch to your book club gatherings.


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