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Trouble Logging In To BookBrowse?

The vast majority of login issues, if not all, that we've encountered are due to one of the problems listed below which, because they are on the user's end, and not ours, means that we can't solve the problem (because you're there and we're here!) but we are here to help as best we can.

So, if none of the suggestions below fix your login problem, or you'd simply prefer to speak to a human rather than read the page, please do call us and we'll do our best to help (contact details at the bottom) ...

How do I know if I'm logged in?
When you are correctly logged in you will see "Welcome" followed by your first name at the top right of most pages (where the "Member Login" button is now). If you do not see this, you are not logged in.

Perhaps my membership has expired?
Even if your membership had expired you should still be able to login - as you have to be able to login in order to renew your membership!

Perhaps I'm using the wrong login or password?
If you're using the wrong login or password, a message will pop up on the login page telling you this after you try to login. If that's the problem, simply click "Forgot your login/password" option on the previous page, and ask for your login/password to be emailed to you.

Whenever I try to login I end up back at the homepage and the screen still says "Welcome, Visitor". Why is this?
This happens when you are using the correct login/password but there's something blocking the communication between BookBrowse and your computer. All membership and shopping cart sites work in essentially the same way. Each requires that a tiny file be sent by the website to the user's computer so that the user can be recognized from page to page.

If you enter your login/password at BookBrowse and instead of finding yourself logged in, find yourself back at our homepage, it is because your computer is blocking communication between it and BookBrowse.

According to recent research, at least to two-thirds of people have experienced problems logging into membership or shopping cart sites. Happily the numbers who have trouble with BookBrowse are substantially lower than this. However, occasionally login problems do occur, which can almost always be solved by one of the following options.

Solution 1 - Use the free Firefox browser instead of Internet Explorer
The vast majority of login issues at BookBrowse and elsewhere are caused because the "temporary internet files" folder gets blocked up in Internet Explorer.  The Firefox browser does not seem to have this problem, presumably because it is better at auto-cleaning the folder when it gets full.  So, if you have the choice of using Firefox, you'll likely find your login problem resolved without more ado.

Solution 2 - Clear your temporary internet files
Your computer stores pages you've recently viewed in a folder. Sometimes (especially when using Internet Explorer) this folder gets so full it just can't accept any more information, which can cause problems logging in. Clearing the temporary internet files will not cause you to lose any data but will improve the speed of your overall browsing experience - it's much like clearing the junk from your garage so you can get your car back in!   To clear your temporary internet files in most versions of Internet Explorer:

  1. Click "Tools" in the top menu bar.
  2. Choose "Internet Options"; under Temporary Internet Files.
  3. Click "Delete all files in the temporary internet folder".
  4. On the next screen check the box to "delete all off line content".
  5. Click "OK". (If it takes more than about 10 seconds for the files to be cleared, your temporary files folder was VERY full and this is likely to have been the source of your problem!)
  6. Turn off your computer and start it up again, then try logging in again (turning your computer off and on again isn't always necessary but can help in persistent cases)

Solution 3 - Delete your cookies
A cookie is a tiny file that BookBrowse sends your computer after you login so that you can be recognized as a member. Without this it's impossible for BookBrowse to know that you've logged in.  Sometimes the cookie file can get corrupted or the folder gets too full to accept new cookies.

The procedure below will clear all cookies on your computer (something that many people choose to do regularly as a matter of course).  If you do not wish to delete all your cookies, you can delete just BookBrowse's but to do so you'll have to find the specific cookie folder on your computer, which is a little more complicated than doing the following:

  1. Click "Tools" in the top menu bar in Explorer
  2. Choose "Internet Options"; under Temporary Internet Files
  3. Click "Delete Cookies"
  4. A little popup will appear: Click "OK".
  5. Turn off your computer and start it up again, then try logging in again (turning your computer off and on again isn't always necessary but can help in persistent cases)

FYI about cookies: Some people are worried about cookies, believing that they are an invasion of privacy. In extreme cases there are some grounds for this concern - but talking specifically about BookBrowse's cookie, you have no need to worry - it is totally benign string of numbers and letters. A typical BookBrowse cookie looks like this: CFID 212442 1536 3546759168 29693834

Other Options
In almost every case, one of the options above has solved the login problems we've encountered, but very occasionally, the following have helped:

If you have very high security settings on your computer, it's possible that your computer is rejecting BookBrowse's communications.  To that end:

Add BookBrowse to your list of "Trusted Sites":

  1. Click "Tools" in your Internet Explorer menu bar.
  2. Then choose "Internet Options"
  3. Then choose the "Security" tab
  4. Click "Trusted Sites"
  5. Add to the list.
  6. Make sure to uncheck the little box at the bottom that "requires server verification for all sites"

Adjust your cookie settings:
It's possible that your computer is set to block cookies entirely, or is set at a level that is blocking BookBrowse's cookie all or some of the time.  To adjust this:

  1. Click 'Tools' (in the horizontal menu bar at the top of your screen).
  2. Click 'Internet Options' (usually the last option)
  3. Click 'Privacy' (usually the 3rd option in the horizontal menu bar on the little 'internet options' popup)
  4. Then click either 'Sites' or 'Edit' (depending on what version of Windows Explorer you're using it should be one or other).
  5. You should now see a little field in which you can enter a URL and a little button to 'Allow' or 'Block'. Type (and also to be on the safe side) then click 'Allow'.
  6. This should override whatever cookie setting you have and allow BookBrowse's cookie to be sent to your computer.

Check that your anti-virus software is not blocking BookBrowse

If you're computer is part of a network, check that BookBrowse isn't being blocked at the network level:
A quick way to see if this is likely to be the problem is to try to login from another computer in the same network.  If you can login, then the problem is something on your specific computer; if you can't, then the chances are that BookBrowse is being blocked at the network level. 

Contact Us:
All things being equal, your login problems should have been solved before you got half way down this page. If they are not, please do feel free to contact us. We're no experts, but we'll do our best to help you resolve the problem.


48 States and Canada: 1-800-745-5306 x 101
Elsewhere: (+1) 408-867-6500

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