Librarians Say
"We're absolutely loving BookBrowse! For the fun of it, I took a peek at our YTD usage stats and in two months, we've already seen more use of this service than many of our others in a year!"
- Erin Chestnutt, Beauregard Parish Library, LA.

"BookBrowse is a wonderful, easy-to-use service that provides excellent book recommendations. We love the thorough reviews, read-alikes, author interviews and reading group guides." - Ali Birnbach, Mill Valley Public Library

Patrons Say
"I really enjoy your website and my book club friends think I am so smart because I am so informed about books!" - Betty

"You are directly responsible for expanding my reading horizons exponentially." - Georganne

"I really enjoy receiving your newsletters - they run rings around the ones I receive from publishers and other sites." - Barbara

BookBrowse For Libraries

Rotating Book Jacket Widget

Adding this eye-catching widget is simple. Just put the following code in your page where you want the widget to appear:

<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>

Once installed, this widget requires no maintenance and will automatically pull the latest cover art from BookBrowse.

When patrons click on a cover, they will be taken to BookBrowse's homepage (either automatically or after logging in depending on whether they have already been authenticated as a patron). The books featured in the widget will be clearly featured on the homepage.

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