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Public Librarians:
If you are interested in BookBrowse for your library, please call us or complete the form below for a quote and/or trial. You can also get an instant quote here.

Academic Librarians:
Many high school and college librarians find an individual subscription to BookBrowse useful, in particular for collection development. BookBrowse is not recommended for student use in elementary and middle schools. We encourage academic librarians interested in a library-wide subscription to first take out an individual subscription so as to ascertain if BookBrowse is right for your needs. If you find it is, then we will gladly discount the individual subscription cost from the library subscription.

If your library subscribes and you have questions, please contact us using the support form, or call.

Call: Toll free (48 States and Canada): 1-800-745-5306 x 103. Direct: (+1) 408-867 6500

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