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Measuring a Life.

Created: 08/05/21

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Measuring a Life. How to measure a life.

How to measure the life of Franny? A quote in Ch.10 led to my topic. The choices the book gives are three (3). What is given, What is left behind, and What is stolen from the world. Are most people parts of all three? Franny seemed to be selfishly always taking, destroying, and stealing. She stole away from her punishment, and stole the lives of Niall and Greta.

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RE: Measuring a Life.

Franny may have felt she stole their lives, but I'm not sure she did. She was driving and she was upset, but "stealing" implies that she meant to take and she didn't mean it at all. I did think she was selfish in her constant wandering and searching for she didn't know what, but not in her loving or caring. Or even in the accident.


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