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The Plum Tree

A deeply moving and masterfully written story of human resilience and enduring ...
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Writing style

Created: 02/01/13

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Writing style

As a writer, I noticed immediately that the descriptions in this book captivate me. I am not done with it yet (I could not bring it on a month long trip), but I am SO enjoying it now; I cannot put it down! I feel as though someone is reading it aloud to me because it is so easy and enjoyable to read.... Anyone else share that sort of experience?

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RE: Writing style

Unfortunately, not really. I found the descriptions, especially at the beginning of the book, distracting. I appreciated them much more towards the end when Christine went home after Dachau and experienced anew the colors, etc., that were lacking in the very gray world of the camp.

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RE: Writing style

I thought the prose style was lovely. It wasn't over-blown and wasn't sparing. Rather, it was a satisfying "in the middle" style. I enjoy descriptive writing, as long as it doesn't bog down the flow. Also, some things I'd rather decide for myself what they look like, rather than the author telling me. I enjoyed the book.

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RE: Writing style

I loved the writing style. It captivated me to the last page. I felt it read like butter.

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RE: Writing style

I liked the writing style. It was easy to read, and i could really visualize the life she led. I felt like I was there.

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RE: Writing style

I'm with Rebajane. I found the detailed description at the beginning of the book particularly stilted and way too detailed. I also found the constant definition of German terms annoying - I knew where the book was set, and I felt like using the German followed immediately by the English interrupted the flow of the writing. If the terms could not be understood by context, I would have preferred simply using the English.

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RE: Writing style

I finished the book this past weekend. The writing style was such that I was able to feel the emotions, imagine the noise, the smell, feel hunger. Excellent descriptive writing. I felt that I was there with Christine and Isaac. I noticed the book became much more descriptive after returning from Dachau. Maybe she used more descriptive terms to get the reader to appreciate how the world had changed. How Christine climbed up on the mountain top where she and Isaac went on their walk and how the world was much gray than before where the colors had been so magnificent the first time. That is my feeling anyone else get that type of feeling?


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