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Vivian and the $$$$$

Created: 07/15/13

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Vivien and the $$$$$

Why do you think she paid Jimmy the money?

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RE: Vivien and the $$$$$

I think Vivien paid Jimmy the money to shame him. I think Morton said something like that in the book. She paid him the money because he was an honorable man and the money would make him feel uncomfortable, to feel bad about what he was supposedly planning to do to her.

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RE: Vivien and the $$$$$

I wonder if it wasn't a variation on, "If you love something, set it free..." I think she knew Dolly was after her money, and I saw it more as a way to judge Jimmy's loyalties -- whether he'd follow Dolly's lead & drop out of her life or if he'd choose to stay with Vivien.

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Navy Mom

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RE: Vivien and the $$$$$

I don't think the money meant anything to Vivien. Yes, she gave it to Jimmy because she wanted to test to see if her feelings about him were true. She trusted no one and when she opened up to Jimmy she had to know that her instincts were correct. I also think she wanted to defy her husband. It was her way of fighting back.

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RE: Vivian and the $$$$$

I kind of thought that she gave Jimmy the money for purely practical reasons, hoping that it would end Dolly's scheme and get both Jimmy and Dolly out of her life. I think she cared for Jimmy but knew it was dangerous for him to be in her life and that Dolly's scheme was likely to get them all killed by Henry. Giving him the money was her way of caring enough about his safety to let him go, like kimk said. I do agree, though, that she didn't care about the money.

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RE: Vivian and the $$$$$

I think she gave him the money because she loved him and wanted him to be happy. She could never escape her husband and she was willing to take the punishment that she knew she'd get so Jimmy could live his planned life. I think she knew his character better that Dorothy did.

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RE: Vivian and the $$$$$

I agree with all of the reasons given above and think there is truth in all of them. I think she wanted to stop the blackmail plan in its tracks, given what a dangerous outcome it would be (what it turned out to be) if Henry thought anything untoward was going on.


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