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2018 Wordplay Winners

Created: 01/25/18

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2018 Wordplay Winners

A J O A Thousand M B W O S
Myrna M, Chapel Hill, NC

A M I A Terrible T T W
Melissa P, Madison, WI

G O T P, B T P, F T P
John S, Iowa City, IA

T I M A Slip B C A L
Craig V, Waldo, Maine

I Y L D W D, Y'll G U W Fleas
Clare C-B, Andover, MA

One N U G
Susan M, New Holland, PA

L M, L My D
Beth N, Lenexa, KS

T E H N Clothes
Jeanne W, Colorado Springs, CO

U W Stand, D W F
Mary R, San Anselmo, CA

I Wouldn't T H W A T-F P
Roger W, Poulsbo, WA

M T G Before I S
Steven Johnson, San Diego, CA

A P Saved I A P E
Fred R, Woodbury, CT

H, W H A Problem
Jeffrey M, Cheshire, CT

T W K Don't S; T W S Don't K
Audrey H, Ilkley, West Yorkshire, UK

T B Y Speak
Alyce P, Roxbury, VT

N V, Nothing G
Ronald D, Houston, TX

T Turn T S
Vicki G, Peoria, AZ

F R I W A Fear T T
Naomi M, New York, NY

G H E Rope A H Will H H
Barbara C, Mountain View, CA

N M I A T Law
Celia A, Takoma Park, MD

I Ain't O U T F L S
Judy L, Los Angeles, CA

The Big Holiday Wordplay
Mike B
Kathy W, Canon City, CO
John F, Humble TX
Mike N, Raleigh, NC
Jean M, San Francisco, CA


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